Stay-At-Home Dad Hashtag Search: #DadRules

The boys are once again napping at the same time so I figured I’d get a quick post up at the end of what seemed like the longest week in quite some time. If you recall, the last time I covered this hashtag topic, the content was #ThanksDad.

Today’s contains the same keyword but a different suffix: #DadRules. It isn’t a particularly popular hashtag so some of these tweets go back several months.

Let’s see what the people of the Twittersphere think of their dads and why they rule or it could just be dad’s rules.

1. When the cat’s away, the kid’s will eat…Skittles? I’m on board with that.

2. Dad harvesting goodness from the ground!

3. Can’t say I’ve seen Adult Swim often but if it’s cause for #dadrules with a #thumbsup, it must be good.

4. He’s a science teacher, I’m sure he’s done the research that backs up why this is a good decision.

5. Dad just went for it on date night with mom, who didn’t appreciate the Crocs.

6. Show no mercy and take all their Monopoly money! (you’re missing Baltic Ave.)

7. This dad certainly rules, especially since the prices are Panera have gone up a bit.

Alright, time to get the chili going. Was supposed to have a few people over tomorrow and cook some chili and cornbread for them, but everyone “had plans.” Or maybe my lame attempts at humor scared them away. Either way, chili is bumped up a day!

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