Lexicon of my three-year-old

Forget the ‘terrible twos,” for those of us in this household, the threes are far more unbearable. Not sure what it’s like everywhere else for everyone else, but I’m fairly certain at some point before a kid turns four, they act like a complete jerk for any number of reasons.

With said actions, the words and tones of his responses are often similar.

Here’s a smattering of some of the words and phrases Unit has used over the past several months, some rather irksome and others genuinely kindhearted and funny.

  1. NO!” — Sometimes he’ll say it as it supposed to be pronounced while other times, it’s more of a “NYO!” Either way, we’re pretty damn sick of hearing this whenever we ask him to do something and he’s in one of his moods.
  2. Nothin’!” — Here’s how this exchange went just this afternoon when I picked him up from school: Me: “What’d you paint at school today bud?” Unit: “NOTHIN’!” Oh, cool, sounds like it must have been a thrilling time for your teacher.
  3. I’m apologizin’” — Whenever Wifester or myself as him to apologize to the other one, he’ll slowly/sulkily mope over to us and proclaim, “I’m apologizin’.” Oh yeah, for what? “I don’t know, because I didn’t listen.” (FYI: that was not the reason we asked him to apologize)
  4. Good _____, daddy/mommy!” — Insert anything you like into the blank. One week, it was always “Good driving daddy/mommy!” or “Good turn, daddy/mommy!” The best part of this is I really think he means it.
  5. Is it lunch, yet?” — More often than not, it’s not lunch time, in fact, there was a time when he asked this just before dinner.
  6. Undaloonies/Shortaloonies/Shirtaloonie” — This one we kind of brought upon ourselves and it’s just funny to hear him ask if I like his shortaloonies.
  7. Oooh, you look pretty, mommy.” — Self explanatory.
  8. (with clenched teeth) “Guacamole!” —  He’s not angry, but almost excited he has to go guacamole. For those of you new to the blog, guacamole (and I apologize for ruining this fine Mexican cuisine) is his term for #2.

Speaking of #2, he’s finished eating for the night and is just crying in his room as Wifester is rocking him to sleep. I’m headed in to relieve her then it’s time for yet another installment of…daddy gets fat by sampling every pumpkin beer on the market. Tonight it’s Southern Tier‘s Imperial Pumking.

3 thoughts on “Lexicon of my three-year-old

  1. We have given our son a ton of freedom and now we are getting to the point where we are taking some of it back a bit and asking him to do things around the house… many times he will respond with “I Don’t Care” no clue where he picked that up at but it is kind of cute when he says it but also one of the most annoying things he will say.

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