Five things my 3-year-old got excited about today

Everyday is a fresh start filled with new adventures, new sights, and new sounds. And when you’re three-years-old, even the littlest things can amaze you. (Now that I read that, maybe adults need to take a page out of the three-year-old’s playbook.) Anyway, Unit has been relatively pleasant lately sans a few outbursts here and there, but today, he seems to be in a genuinely great mood (for now). How great a mood, you ask (or don’t)?

Here’s a list of five things — all observed before noon — that he got excited about.

  1. Crosswalks: On the way to our morning adventure (the bank, credit union, and Toys ‘R’ Us), each and every time he spotted a crosswalk, he exclaimed, “Oooooh, a CROSSWALK, daddy…oooh, and another one over dare!”
  2. Weather: It’s cloudy, a bit chilly, and the sun has yet to peek through today (I don’t think it will) but when we walked out the door, he says, “Ahhh, what a beautiful day it is, right daddy?” To which I replied, “Yeah, it’s a great day, man, let’s get moving.” Maybe meteorology is in his future, I mean who gets excited for a cloudy day?
  3. “Do Not Enter” signs: Not sure how the hell this one came about (several months ago) but he’s enamored with “Do Not Enter” signs. There’s a ton here in Connecticut, every which one Unit proclaims, “LOOK! A ‘Do Not Enter’ sign, LOOK!” He loves the things (so, if anyone has a spare sign lying around, I’d love to have it to put on his wall).
  4. Lunch: I don’t make the best lunches but I try to figure out what he wants before putting everything on the plate. It’s always peanut butter and jelly. Today, he opted for carrots (pronounced ‘cayots’), popcorn, and water. So after cutting the crust off the sandwich, arranging four carrots in line, and filling the third compartment with popcorn, I deliver the final product. “Mmm, this looks like a gooood lunch, daddy!” Yeah, lunch. The same one he’s had thrice this week.
  5. His new Lego set: He’s moved on from Duplo and Mega Bloks and on to actual Lego, the kind that you can’t see and cause bodily harm when you step on. He got himself a Lego Junior crane/bulldozer kit called ‘Digger.’ He named the driver, his first Lego figuring, Doug. So Doug drives Digger. The hugged the dang thing in the car on the way home from TRU and really focused on the directions and finding the right pieces to build.

So like I said prior, maybe adults can take a cue from the tiny humans they created and look for the good in things. I guess to us it’s all mundane and taken for granted, but to a three-year-old, even seeing crosswalks on a cloudy day is reason to celebrate.

4 thoughts on “Five things my 3-year-old got excited about today

  1. I DO get excited about cloudy days, too….and the harm caused by a Lego Man has made many appearances on my blog! Great post!

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