An odd request from my 3-year-old today

You really never know what a kid will say, especially a three-year-old. Today was a rather rainy day, the sun came out for a fleeting minute or two right as I was putting Unit down for a nap (yes, he’s almost three-and-a-half and still naps), so our brains were all a little sleepy.

We started off the day right, baking a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies after Wifester went to work. I cook dinner every night but am far from adept at baking. I’ve made cookies in the past but they typically come out mundane and average (at best). I’ve also dabbled in fruit crisps/cobblers several times, to mixed results.

Unit and I noshed on several cookies throughout the morning before we headed off to the library. G-Unit was on-the-ball with his behavior today and was rather pleasant for the vast majority of the morning despite his 12-minute nap while Unit and I baked. I would have rewarded his behavior with a cookie but he’s only 4-months-old, so no dice on that one.

Without fail, right before I put Unit down for nap, he asks to go guacamole. I know he’s putting off the nap but I’m not gonna be the one to prohibit my kid a trip to the hopper if he asks. He had a cookie in hand (and mouth) and I asked if he wanted me to hold it until after his nap.

His request was interesting.

“Daddy, I have to go guacamole but I’m gonna bring my cookie in case I get hungry.”

Well alright. I know it probably wasn’t all that sanitary, but I’ve taught him not to touch anything on the toilet with his hands while he’s on the toilet, so I’ve got peace of mind knowing he held his cookie out in front of him the entire three minutes he was on the bowl.

And with that, you have today’s odd request from a 3-year-old.

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