2 AM wake up call leads to co-sleeping for a night

Contrary to what you may think, G-Unit isn’t the one who woke up last night at 2 am and eventually wound up in our bed. It was Unit and it further reaffirmed my belief against us co-sleeping with our kids. I’m not saying it’s not for everyone and should be frowned upon, but for us, in this home, in our king bed (thanks Butlerish), it’s not happening. In fact, I know plenty who do it and are enamored with the idea, and that’s all good and well…for them.

If you followed some of my Twitter feed last night, you’d it’s easy to understand why you think it was G-Unit who was the one who slept like crap (pun intended). Here’s a string of tweets:




Now that we’ve seen the proof of his relentless shitting, let’s get to the heart of the matter: co-sleeping with Unit. Because he woke up at 2 am crying/whimpering about something I couldn’t quite comprehend, I asked if he wanted to come sleep in our bed. Before I finished asking, he was climbing in the bed. Here’s a few reasons why it didn’t/doesn’t work:

  • He emanates heat like an outdoor patio heater.
  • His head always seems to find its way onto my pillow, often times headbutting me, which wakes me up and doesn’t phase him.
  • His arm slings around and typically finds its way around my neck.
  • He randomly woke up, sat up, and hugged the dog, who he hates sleeping around.
  • Did I mention the headbutts?

So next time there’s an early morning wakeup, sorry Unit, I’m going to attempt soothing your emotions/outburst before offering up our bed. Wifester slept great she said, so that makes two of three.

Here’s some new beats for your ears for a Friday.


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