(At-home) Parents ARE allowed to have hobbies, alone time

Despite lacking the “alone” time to enjoy things as we did before our tiny humans arrived, stay-at-home and work-at-home parents (and ALL parents, really) are allowed to have hobbies that DO NOT involve the child(ren) they care for every day.

Here’s a list of a few luxuries I enjoyed before having kids:

  • quiet road trips to Anywhere, USA that didn’t require packing the car like a Jenga tower to get everything to fit
  • day-long Sundays at the bar watching football
  • being able to stay all nine innings at a baseball game (insert any sporting event here)
  • sleeping in past 6:30am on weekends
  • knowing that at a restaurant, every meal ordered for a person will be eaten

Now, am I saying I regret having kids? Hell no, these two dudes are some of the raddest humans I’ve ever met. Are they a lot of work? You bet your ass they are, but I wouldn’t change my situation for anything. All I’m saying is there are some things that I used to enjoy better by myself or with the Wifester.

Hobbies are what keep us young at heart. Some hobbies allow us a way to relieve the stress from the everyday grind. Some hobbies take us back to a time when we were kids and help us re-attach to things we loved in the past. Whether it be stamp collecting, video gaming, golfing, painting, cartooning, whatever it is, each of us has something we enjoy doing that does not involve our children. Kids make most things better, but for every parents peace of mind, every now and again we need the “me time.”

Here’s a few things I still enjoy doing, but now enjoying doing sans kids:

  • crossword puzzles – Unit is smart, but he has no idea how to read, thus rendering him useless in helping me complete a puzzle.
  • golf – a three-year-old really hinders the pace of play on the course.
  • live music – not the brightest idea taking a three-year-old to a dark, loud room with strangers lurking around every corner.
  • road trips – getting the in-laws to come watch the boys is relatively easy, enabling Wifester and I a rare weekend away from it all
  • shopping – I consider myself a phenomenal gift-giver, but to fully hone these skills, I need uninterrupted time to mindlessly meander through the aisles/interwebs in search of the right gift.
  • photography – I’m an amateur but still, it’s no fun trying to capture cool shots with a kid running off and/or screaming (though I do enjoy taking pictures of my kids running and/or screaming)

Here’s some of the things I enjoy doing with the kids (and when I say ‘kids,’ it’s more Unit since G-Unit still can’t sit up on his own):

  • building domino rally courses
  • tower building with said dominoes
  • creating wooden railroad tracks
  • dance parties in the living room to Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Beatles, CCR, etc.
  • assisting in Lego building activities
  • teaching him how to ride a bike

“Isn’t life so much more fun and fulfilling with kids?” Yeah, it is. Everything I do is for them and Wifester, but every now and again, I need time to myself, time to give myself a break from it all, and in no way does that make me a bad parent. It makes me a human being.

OK, time to warm a bottle up for G-Unit, he’s been napping for a few minutes and it’s highly likely he’ll wake up and be ready to eat when Unit ultimately wakes him up since he has a hard time controlling the volume of his voice sometimes, a la Jacob Sjil.

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