Music & Movement at the library; eating while sleeping

(image courtesy of B&D Library)

For the second week in a row, we headed to our local library, which kicks butt, for Wednesday’s “Music & Movement” class. It’s a music enriched program consisting of a before and after stretching routine. songs, dance, and a lot of constant movement. In other words, a blessing for parents who are looking for a way to tire their kids out. Fellow Connecticut SAHD Allan was in attendance and experienced the M&M for the first time

Unit is always a little hesitant to join in at first but quickly warms up once the children’s librarian, Miss Meg, encourages him to participate. He’s familiar with her because for nearly four months prior to this M&M class, the library offers up a playgroup. I tried to urge him to join in, but he acts like a goof and doesn’t. Hey, at least he listens to someone.

Today they had to stand on/near the ‘X’ on the ground and listen to the music and follow the dance instructions, until they were able to freestyle, at which point Unit broke it down. He’s got some arsenal of dance moves, something he definitely does NOT get from me (though I am a hell of a chair dancer and have been known to break it down after a few cocktails). Basically, he’s me after a bunch of drinks at a wedding.

Anyway, he sweats like an animal (partly because he needs a haircut, which will be our Thursday adventure). And for the first time in a while, he actually confessed to me in the car that he was…wait for it…TIRED!

We got home, ate lunch, and put him down for a nap. (Insert criticism or critique over the fact that my three-and-a-half-year-old still naps here).

This brings us to the second topic in the headline, eating while sleeping. The culprit of this is G-Unit. Today, he had a lengthy nap in the morning for about 65 minutes or so, but went sleepless during the M&M class. This is understandable since there are kids dancing and music playing, so he’s got things to distract him. He generally falls asleep on the way home from the library on Wednesdays, but not today. We only live about 11 minutes from the library so he’ll cry for two or three minutes then pass out, only to wake up 15 minutes later.

Today he didn’t sleep at all so his afternoon nap routine began a few minutes earlier than normal. I changed him, fed him his bottle, and put him in his crib to sleep. While rocking him in the glider and feeding him, he fell asleep. Straight up passed out. But he managed to keep eating. (I’m not 100% sure but this seems like it could be a safety hazard). In any event, he’d stop sucking on the bottle until I moved it, at which point he’d begin eating again. This process repeated itself about a dozen times, until he ate four of the five ounces in his bottle.

Today he was so exhausted that he required only about a minute or two of rocking before I was able to successfully place him in his crib and walk out of the room to begin Unit’s nap-time routine, which I’ll get into another time.

So today’s two things: thank you to Miss Meg for tiring Unit out with 45 minutes of non-stop movement and thank God I can’t eat while I sleep or my weight would balloon even higher than it already has.

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