2014 Halloween Candy Madness

Excuse me while I deviate from the norm. I love my wife and kids very much, but I also have quite the sweet tooth and with Halloween right around the corner, who doesn’t love a bracketed tournament pertaining to the candy your kids (and you) will wind up gorging on on Friday night (and Saturday and Sunday, if it gets that far).

As for costumes, G-Man is going as a dinosaur (since that is the costume we had for Unit for his first Halloween) and Unit, after much deliberation, chose to be a king. Interesting choice since several weeks ago he was overjoyed at us being poor. Kids will be kids and ignorance is bliss.

I found out today that Unit does not like Smarties, so that’s a win for me. He got a few rolls in a goody bag from his teacher at school, tasted a few with lunch, and determined they weren’t to his liking, instead asking for more strawberries. Not going to argue with that.

Since Halloween is synonymous with candy, this post is all about the glorious confections both received and handed out on October 31st.

Let me get to the logistics of the bracket. There are opposite sides to the bracket, each with eight candy options. One side is ‘CHOCOLATE‘ while the other is ‘NOT.‘ Pretty straight-forward.

The selection committee (me, as I sit here watching Game 6 of the World Series and throw back some Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ales) decided on the field of 16. There was some back and forth about certain candies and some were immediately thrown out as possible contenders vying for the spot atop Halloween’s candy hierarchy.

The list of candies that were considered and didn’t make the field include:

  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Twizzlers
  • Milky Way
  • 3 Musketeers
  • Whoppers
  • Junior Mints
  • Sweet Tarts
  • Sugar Babies

The seeding was a painstakingly difficult process that ultimately came down to my personal preferences. Here is the official bracket for 2014 Halloween Candy Madness:

Candy copy
(Well, after 35+ minutes of trying to figure out how the hell to copy a chart as an image on a Mac, I did it, thanks to a kind-hearted USC fan who recommended a screenshot and crop.)

So there they are in all their sugary glory.

I’ll attempt to do the first three rounds (ambitious, I know) tomorrow during their naps. If you have any votes for specific candies, by all means, comments and arguments for/against candies will be considered in possible advancement in the tournament. The clock is ticking………


2 thoughts on “2014 Halloween Candy Madness

    1. i like where your head’s at Mark but I’m a sucker for Good & Plenty and the Nerds are so easy to take down in one pour. went Twix too, just because of their marketing with the Left v. Right pick-a-side commercial

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