Things my 5-month-old puts in his mouth

The teeth aren’t quite through yet despite us thinking that for the past two months G-Man’s been teething. Regardless, it seems like anything and everything he can get his little mitts on he puts in his mouth.

Here’s a rundown of things he’s put in his mouth, mind you I am within a few feet of him at all times since his crawling consists of elevating his butt with his head planted on the ground and tipping over:

  • double-nine domino
  • a boob
  • Melissa and Doug railroad track elevation blocks
  • his entire left fist
  • his right thumb
  • a bottle
  • every one of my fingers (on different occasions)
  • the collar of my white NorthFace fleece
  • books
  • his feet
  • the baby wipe bag
  • a diaper (it was clean)
  • crayon
  • coloring books
  • regular books
  • the dog’s nose
  • Unit’s chair
  • his toys (occasionally)
  • his Aden + Anais blankets
  • remote control
  • every item on his exersaucer
  • rice cereal (1x)

We try to keep everything as clean as possible since he stays relatively close to the ground at all times, or whenever we’re not holding him. And I see the way the kid looks at the food we’re eating, he’s like a vulture. If he gets something, it’s going right in the pie hole.

We tried feeding him rice cereal for the first time the other night, he seemed to enjoy it and enjoyed wearing it even more. Hey, he’s gotta start somewhere. In a few days (I think) we’ll experiment with some veggies.

Time to relax while the beast is napping.

2 thoughts on “Things my 5-month-old puts in his mouth

  1. Same here! I did start sharing my baked sweet potatoes with Littler D. Unfortunately, this led him to an expectation that he must always share my food … and crankiness if there is none to share!

    1. He’s nearly knocked my plate off the table several times by grabbing it. And forget about when you’re feeding him, like bear claws digging into my face

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