Unit, in all his quirky glory

Like most every kids, Unit has his fair share of stuffed animals. And quirks. His bed looks like it’s been invaded by cotton-filled creatures but he still digs in and carves out a nice little spot for himself to sleep every day and night. And the nightstand next to his bed, that’s got some collection of things on it as well.

He’s a good kid, for the most part. As with any three-year-old, mood swings and yelling are sometimes interjected into his friendly, shy, funny and quirky behavior. He’s one of a kind and his lonesome nature is definitely something he gets from his parents.

His quirkiness and odd (?) behavior is pretty evident when you listen to the names of his stuffed animals. Some he got when he was too young to comprehend anything, so I might have offered up several names to choose from, but eventually he took ownership and picked a name for each.

Unit and his bed corner
Unit and his bed area

There’s Gary the green bear with a shamrock heart, Cam the camouflaged bear, Dotty the yellow spotted dog (I think), Sock Monkey the sock monkey, and Babado, the black bear he gave to G-Man when he was born. Also in the bed are Black Dog’s black dog who was in his cradle when he was born at the hospital, a nameless blue puppy with a flashlight in his belly so he can read at night, Jerry the giraffe, and Scout the electronic singing dog. There’s at least one Mickey Mouse and a brown bear named Balloon. There’s a giraffe named Gerald as well.

On the wall next to the bed, he puts name tag stickers he gets at the library or school. Normal, right?

Between the bed and nightstand resides a giant stuffed bear that G.G. (great-grandma) got him. He has  no name but has quite a few holes in his paws from Unit’s rough housing. You’ll also find a cash register.

He’s got a Jake figurine next on the nightstand currently surrounded by three pumpkins, a trio of monster trucks (one of which is Grave Digger), a picture of him and Wifester from his first birthday, and a framed picture of a railroad crossing.

Then there’s a smattering of books strewn across the floor that have been discarded after being read.

A road map rug takes up a 4′ x 5′ area on his floor. Sometimes I’ll go in in the morning and the monster trucks are parked in from of the hot dog stand or near the volcano along with the Lego vehicles he leaves on the rug that I’m prone to kicking/stepping on. Sometimes a lamb couch-type thing is there as well, tucked into his book nook so he can step on it to reach the higher shelves.

And he’s become a beast at putting off going to sleep, from forgetting Jake in the bathtub to wanting us to sing songs that are jut words jumbled together and made into song version, like “Fan Song,” “Weird Song,” or “Windows.” I can sing these jams 15 time and they’d have 15 different sets of lyrics but he can care less. He just likes spending time with us!

And Gary, Babado, and Cam.

(Babado is a word (I think?) he used to say all the time and we had and still have no idea what the crap it means)

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