First day at the park, it’s beginning to feel like Spring

0402151241For the first time in forever, the weather and lack of snow allowed us a trip to the park. Yes, it’s April 2 and it’s the FIRST time we’ve been at a park since December.

The morning was looking a little bleak as the clouds kept the temperature down a bit but hell if I was going to stay in with the forecast set to be in the upper-50s and maybe even touch 60.

Following G’s morning nap, we packed up and headed out with lunch for the Unit packed so we could enjoy the weather and park time a bit longer. After a quick stop at Babies ‘R’ Us to get a pack of 99-cent wipes (asshole forgot to pack wipes even though Wifester bought a gigantic box last night) we were on our way. Again.

Unit was overflowing with excitement as was evident by me only being able to decipher about 40% of the words that were coming out of his mouth.  On a given day, that number is usually doubled, at the very least. He still spouts out gibberish from time to time.

The playground was clear of snow besides some of the mulch surrounding it. Onward!

Swings (Unit still chooses to use the baby swings even though he’ll be four in a few weeks) and G even partook in some swing action.

G was getting a little restless in the carrier (read: reverse headbutting my chin) so I let him loose and he immediately picked up a wood chip and began gnawing on it. So like any sane parent, I began clearing the area of wood chips. It worked, or he forgot about them, and proceeded to crawl all over.

0402151243It took a while, I’ll chalk it up to not being there for nearly four months, but Unit found his favorite part of the playground, the hanging toadstools, as I call them. He even wanted me to take a picture, complete with a thumbs up for approval.

0402151229aYardwork ensued after we got home and I put G to nap. That consisted of me raking and clearing the hills without snow surrounding our driveway of leaves and red mulch so that we can eventually lay some black mulch, because who the hell wants red mulch? Unit decided to write asterisks, his and mommy’s name, ROYGBV rainbows, and UConn in chalk.

All in all, a good day.


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