Yard work or the bar?

Yesterday was good day.

It started off a little chilly and cloudy but warmed up slightly by time we left for church. I was hoping to get some yard work done since, during the week, it’s tough when you’ve got an 11-month-old strapped to your chest while you’re trying to corral your miniature dachshund who enjoys running away and dislikes being leashed and just so happens to be the same color as the fallen leaves (yes, there are still leaves on the ground), all the while being implored by your four-year-old to run laps around the house with him.

Thankfully it was the weekend, and Linds was home. Don’t take this out of context (all six of you who’ll read this) – she kicks ass every day as a wife and mother, not just on weekends.

We went outside after spending a little time inside following church and a trip to the grocery store since it was also the type of day that, pre-kids, we’d have spent at the bar from noon-til-dark watching baseball whilst drinking beers.

We got rid of some of the hideous red mulch the previous owner decided looked good around the house and driveway. For the record, I could take it or leave it with the color of the mulch, but this stuff seems to have been there for years. It’s caked to the ground and was a pretty big pain raking up. Linds, on the other hand, hates the red mulch, and lately, Unit has taken to voicing his displeasure with the “ugly red mulch,” so it was time to remove it the best we could with three rakes, a shovel, no wheelbarrow, and a four-year-old who shovels every other scoop onto the driveway instead of into the garbage pail (which was used to haul it into the woods where I could dump it).

our lone bloom, for now
our lone bloom, for now

We did a real good job of getting rid of most of the red mulch – trust me, the yard needs more than red mulch removal, but this is a start, and with limited funds to do everything we want to the yard, it’ll do.

Cultivating actual grass (or lack thereof) is still on the “To-Do” list as is making a garden (I have plans to make a few planter boxes from leftover wood). Also, we’re going to order the playground we want to get for the boys’ birthday gifts. So yeah, there’s a lot of shit we wanna get done (and the washer just crapped out, well, it’s leaking like a sieve from the bottom for 20 minutes after the wash is complete).

Linds and I were getting tired but Unit, he could have shoveled and broomed all day long. G-Man, he sat in his exersaucer overseeing the rest of us breaking our backs before Linds put him down for a nap.

Would I have traded in the laborious yardwork for a kid-free day at the bar with Linds? Probably, but we have kids and I love my life, so we drank when they went to bed (until I went to bed at nine since I had to work at midnight).

With that, G-Man is awake and it’s almost time to pick Unit up from school.

Make it a great day.

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