On tap all week: Halloween

Everyone’s favorite holiday is tomorrow, right? But for the kids where we live (the town, not the home), it’s been a week-long celebration of Halloween


Unit is being Minion Bob, despite the fact that the goggles that came with the costume leave red marks around his eyes. G is going as a Sock Monkey, since, ya know, second kid, hand-me-downs and all that stuff. So we’ve got a minion and a sock monkey.

It kicked off Monday night at UConn with the SAAC-O-Lantern festivities at Gampel Pavilion. All (well, most) of the athletic teams at UConn dressed up and decorated their stations on the concourse of the on-campus arena for the local kids to take in and trick-or-treat. They also each had a game or something resembling a game for the kids to partake in. The kids (mine, anyway) had a blast and got tons (OK, 20-something pieces) of candy, which means they only got eight to 10 since Wife and I robbed them of some.

Thursday was a Monster Mash at the town’s high school, put on my the high school students. Included was bowling, arts and crafts, food (donuts, cookies, juice) as well as games and a trick-or-treat hallway at the end.

Tonight, Friday, is a trick-or-treat event at Evergreen Walk, an outdoor shopping mall-ish type thing, where all retailers (I think) will be handing out goodies to the kids as they get even more candy for parents to take from them.

And finally, tomorrow is the actual holiday this entire week of dressing up has lead to, Halloween. And yes, we’re going to try to encourage our kids to trick-or-treat until they’re asleep on their feet and their bags are so full of candy that we’re the ones carrying it, eating all the Starbursts and Skittles until I’m sick.

Happy Halloween, everyone, and be safe out there. And remember to do some quality control on your kids’ candy.

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