Top 5 – Vegetables

This here is a list of the top five vegetables for Nolan, and Graham to an extent. Eating is always a challenge since neither child seems to enjoy branching out from the typical ‘kid food’ – pizza, mac & cheese, pancakes – it varies kid to kid, family to family.

The toughest thing to convince my kids to eat is vegetables. Shit, I have a tough time convincing myself to eat them most nights but I do the cooking so I can decide how I want them prepared.

Here’s a list of the top five vegetables in order of consumption and likeability, according to my kids.

  1. Carrots

    Mostly the baby carrot variety even though I’ve told Nolan multiple times that they simply cut those from the big ones. They’ll eat them whole or in sticks, all dependent on which way the wind is blowing or the mood they’re in. Once cooked, however, carrots are a vile, vile food not considered for consumption.

  2. Sweet Potato Puffs

    Big shout out to Alexia Foods for their bomb-ass puffs. These things pretty much go with everything and technically, a sweet potato is a vegetable, right? I know a potato is a starch under the vegetable umbrella. Both boys devour their puffs and the Tater Tots but neither shows much interested in these tubers cooked any other way even though baked sweet potatoes are damn delicious.

  3. Corn on the Cob

    Not always readily available during the New England winter months, a simple boiled or barbecued ear of corn is magical to both boys. Take it off the cob and it’s a no fly zone, but I get it. Who doesn’t love a food that’s acceptable to eat with your hands regardless of age? And when it’s in season, the local farms produce it in mass quantities and we’ll have it twice a week, sometimes more.

  4. Tomatoes

    Not in a salad, no way, but in a quesadilla, Nolan LOVES tomatoes. Graham, he just eats the little cherry tomatoes after I cut them in half or full-size tomatoes diced up.

  5. Celery

    I just had to look up and see if celery had any nutritional value and lo and behold it’s a big name in the healthy food world, I just have to keep this from the kids. Graham manages to find a way to eat the inner flesh while leave the strings outer coating, which is pretty amazing. Then he just discards it wherever he is when he’s finished. Nolan is a tougher sell and has to be in the mood, whatever that is is still a mystery to me.

The weird thing is when Nolan was little(r) he ate everything, EVERYTHING. Cauliflower, broccoli, green beans and then he became a toddler with a voice and his tune changed. I try acting excited about trying new foods, sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t.

Besides, when he turns five, Nolan said he’ll try every food that Linds and I eat. HA!

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