Top 5 – Days of the Week

When it comes to days of the week, Monday is easily the most despised while Friday is often king. I’ve never had a ‘case of the Mondays’ but I used to love TGIF growing up. For me, every day is pretty much the same, except Saturday.

Here’s a top five list of days of the week but as many parents know, especially those who stay home with their kids, the only difference in the days is how they’re spelled.

  1. Saturday – I see your Friday and raise you Saturday. Friday is the culmination of most standard work weeks, but let’s face it, Saturday is the day you spend all day with the family. It’s a perfect day to get stuff done around the house, be it laundry, cleaning, yard work, whatever. There’s no alarm clock besides the kids waking up at six in the morning because they just don’t get it, but that’s an almost everyday occurrence. Early morning trips to the supermarket with Graham are also enjoyable as they give Linds time to clean a bit. Oh, and no lunches to make for school and the toys can stay wherever the hell they land after the boys wreck the place.
  2. Friday – The end of the work week for working folks, Friday is a great day to grab some drinks after counting down the hours left in said work week. I used to love TGIF growing up – Family Matters, Full House, Dinosaurs, Boy Meets World, Step by StepPerfect Strangers – damn, that was a solid variety of shows. I no longer watch  much live television thanks to our cord-cutting ways, but that’s alright, most of the shit on television is crap anyways. And Friday is usually breakfast
  3. Wednesday – It kinda feels like Wednesday gets the ball rolling in a downhill direction towards the end of the week and beginning of the weekend. I do like the Hump Day commercials Geico put out but that’s not the only reason I like Wednesday – it means on Thursday afternoon when I get home from work, a new Law & Order: SVU is on Hulu!
  4. Monday – The weekend gets old and Sunday is less enjoyable because of the anxiety we face thinking about Monday, but Monday means two things: beginning of the work week, when I make a little bit of money for our family and Nolan is back at school, which he absolutely loves. Occasionally he’s dejected when he gets a Monday off and it’s nice seeing your child really take a liking to school.
  5. Sunday – I don’t love Sundays because it’s really a means to an end but it rates higher than Tuesday and Thursday. If we’re out of town for a weekend, I’d prefer to be back before noon because I just enjoy spending time at home instead of scrambling to get lunches made, or make a frantic last-minute trip to get groceries if I didn’t go on Saturday.

Where would you rank the days of the week? There’s no way Saturday isn’t in your top two, unless you’re some sort of weirdo.

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