Top 5 – U.S. License Plates

(EDITED: Kansas’ new plate is horrid, initially I mistook the 2011 plate for the present plate – my big mistake)

Growing up, whenever we took a road trip I always used to stare out the window looking for out-of-state (non-New York) license plates, checking the states off as I saw their plate. As an adult, I still am interested in seeing where everyone driving around me hails from but no longer cross them off any list.

One day, I hope Nolan, Graham, and D3 (yes, we’re having another baby in April) play the same game I once played as we take road trips around the country.

Here’s a list of the coolest looking license plates from around the country in 2015 despite not having seen each and every one in person.

  1. Alaska

    Plain, simple, to the point, Alaska isn’t pulling any punches. The yellow background with blue numbers and state flag. The Last Frontier. I’ve actually seen one in person and it’s glorious. It’s a vintage-looking plate despite representing the second-youngest state to be admitted to the United States

  2. California

    Another state I’ve never been yet I see their plates all over the place. It’s so California with a white background, the state name neat in red cursive (a forgotten art) lettering atop the blue plate number. I guess more people than I imagined have driven cross-country but I’m not sure why they’d leave the West Coast unless they love having four seasons. The red, white, and blue is patriotic to boot.

  3. Colorado

    Simple as simple gets. There’s two colors-forest green and white-that stand out and a hint of gray shading in the Rocky Mountains. The white Rockies stand out nicely against the green background. The font the state is written in across the bottom is neat while the green plate number pops on the mountains.

  4. Montana

    I don’t like them going away from Big Sky Country (the plate says ‘Treasure State’ across the top) but the design is awesome. Solid blue with a white outline of the state surrounding the white plate number, it’s a classic look.

  5. Idaho

    Any state that has potatoes printed on their plate is alright with me. The red-to-white-to-blue gradient is pleasant to look at and the ‘Famous Potatoes’ on the bottom is amazing. The cursive scenic before Idaho on the top of the plate is confusing, but I bet it is a sight to behold. I just wish they’d used the blue in the plate to do the plate number instead of black.

While some states (South Carolina, Ohio, and Nebraska to name a few) have decided to interject websites on their plates, aforementioned five have not. That’s not why they’re my top five, but it definitely helps.

I’m 0-for-5 in visiting these states but one day, one day we’ll trek out west as a family and visit the rest of this great country.

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