Top 5 – PBSKids Shows

If you’re a parent, there are shows your kid(s) watch that drive you mad – theme song, horrible premise, characters’ traits, crappy content – but there’s a few I actually don’t mind, and fortunately, Nolan likes most of them.

Disney Junior hasn’t been working the past few days, so we’re confined to PBS Kids and Hulu Plus, which has more than enough for the little time they watch television.

I guess this is more of a tolerable top five than anything, but here’s the five shows the kids enjoy most that I can actually tolerate.

  1. Curious George

    The books were a favorite for a while in our house (fine, the book, Curious George Plays Baseball) and the show has gotten some air time recently, and despite the creepy man in the yellow suit who seems to be independently wealthy, the show is great. George always seems to have his fun while doing the right thing, which is what we ultimately want all of our children to do.

  2. WordWorld

    A show teaching how to spell words. Boring, right? Nope. Everything in the show is designed to look like whatever it is spelling through the letters in said word. The barn is a red B-A-R-N with the ‘R’ designed like a silo. It’s inventive and it works. And my kids enjoy it despite not fully understanding that everything in the show is made using its letters. Ah well.

  3. Dinosaur Train

    T-Rex Buddy and his Pteranodon family travel the Dinosaur Train visiting other dinosaurs. The theme song is super catchy and The Jim Henson Company struck gold with this. The dinosaurs go on all sorts of adventures and Nolan laughs at the names of some of them. The species’ are real and it’s cool to get the kids into dinosaurs.

  4. Super Why!

    Weird how a question is followed by an exclamation point in the title but the show promotes reading, and both boys love to read. Nolan recently made his own book about tornadoes and the boogeyman and Graham breaking his leg and going to the hospital (don’t ask) while Graham is into The Night Before Christmas and Little Blue Truck, neither of which have anything to do with Super Why!, but yeah. The show’s main character is Whyatt and he’s got three literary friends – Pig, Princess Pea, and Red Riding Hood. There’s a follow-along story line that lasts the duration of each episode complete with decision-making and collecting letters to solve the ‘Super Story Answer,’ so it keeps Nolan interested. Graham just does whatever Nolan does.

  5. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

    Another damn exclamation point in the title. We all know the Cat in the Hat. Nick and Sally are the other main characters who always go on a journey with The Cat, who serves as their guide. They help him out since he doesn’t know everything, just a lot, as indicated in the title. The rhyming is Seussian and it’s fun to watch. And the Thingamajigger is the coolest vehicle I’ve ever seen.

Honorable mention goes to Clifford (the big red dog) and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which is basically an animated Mr. Rogers Neighborhood from my childhood. Despite Disney’s failure to work, there’s still plenty of stuff though I do miss Mickey and the Hot Dog Dance.

Graham was even beginning to say Mickey’s name and always danced to the HDD. Toodles, the “Mouseketool,” serves as a decision-making tool four times per episode, which they thought was cool.

Oh well, we’ll survive.

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