Top 5 – Office Supplies


Nolan loves office supplies. As a four-year-old, it might seem weird, but the kid LOVES office supplies. They’ve literally taken the place of every other toy in the house and I am totally fine with it. He’s borderline obsessed. He asks me at least once a day to go to Staples so he can see all the supplies they have.

He traces, highlights, colors with Sharpie markers, clips, cuts, writes reminders on Post-it notes, laminates with Scotch tape. He runs the gamut on what he can do with what we have. He’s still bummed we don’t actually own a laminating machine but that’s what the library is for.

Our house’s walls are covered in Post-Its, I feel like I’m living the movie Memento. Except he’s not piecing together a murder, instead he takes informal polls and sticks the notes in columns according to the answers he gets. Sure it’s a little odd and there’s shit all over the house, but I can’t fault him for an active imagination.

  1. Post-it

    Literally everywhere. He asks for notes in his lunch on Post-Its in various shapes. He’s got thought bubble shaped sticky notes. He’s got 4″x4″squares. He’s got rectangles. He writes his own notes, conducts his own surveys. We write him notes to stick in his lunch on which he requests it be from Blockhead Charlie Brown. But overall, Post-it notes are the favorite office supply in our house…by a wide margin.

  2. Sharpie

    Whether it be highlighters, permanent markers, dry erase markers, or paint markers, he’s writing with it. He highlights everything, knows that he can only use paint markers outside, and that he should use the permanent markers only on construction paper or on top of newspapers. He loves dry erase markers and when D3 arrives, I’m going to make a white board wall for him and Graham to draw on, probably in place of the chalkboard wall I made for him last year. Graham takes the caps off the highlighters and winds up with marker all over his hands and clothes but we’ve been fortunate not to have had a wall-writing art exhibit. Yet.

  3. Scissors

    He’ll make a list of numbers on paper, one to whatever, and cut them out in squares. If a worksheet he takes home from school has lines on it separating writing assignments, he cuts along that line. He asks to draw shapes to cut out. He’s over kid scissors and is all about a pair of craft scissors we have and he’s diligent about not leaving them anywhere Graham can reach. He also knows how to hold them by the tips so he won’t stab himself.

  4. Scotch tape

    Need to laminate something? Scotch tape. Post-it fell off the wall? Scotch tape. Need to build a slinky bridge from the dinner table to the back doorknob? Scotch tape. Graham getting up in time out? Scotch tape. (Nolan insists he tape Graham down when he tried to get out of time out). You sense a trend here? Scotch tape : children :: duct tape : adults

  5. Binder clips

    There was a time when he had blue clips, black clips, white clips, whatever clip he could get his hands on. Binder clips were preferred, but bag clips that seal in tortilla chip freshness were sufficient. He’d clip papers together, Post-it stacks together (even though they stuck together already).

He’s beginning to enjoy using staplers and has adopted a staple remover as a ticket puncher on the occasion he pretends to be a train conductor punching tickets (or Graham’s placemats) though he’d much rather have a handheld hole punch. He found an old paperclip on the floor of my car and proceeded to play with it the entire twelve minutes it took to get home. I can’t imagine how blown his mind will be when he realizes there are colored paper clips. Kids are awesome!

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