Top 5 – Disney Junior Characters

It’s back up and running and Graham couldn’t be happier. Nolan’s enjoying it as well. I already did a similar post on PBSKids, but since I did a top five list of shows, I’m switching things up and doing my kids’ favorite characters on Disney Junior.

The show lineup on Disney Junior is lengthy and fortunately (for me) they haven’t gotten into a lot of the shows. But man are they loyal to the shows they like.

Here’s their favorite characters – some of the usual suspects and a few surprises.

  1. Mickey Mouse

    Graham has taken a real liking towards everyone’s favorite mouse, something Nolan did several years ago. He gets excited when he sees him walking on the path when the show begins.

  2. Catboy

    PJ Masks, one of the less heralded shows on the network, gets a fair amount of air-time. There’s a trio of main characters who sleep during the day but keep everyone safe at night. It’s weird but I guess they try to reassure kids that there’s nothing to be scared at at night.

  3. Miles Callisto

    Another show that’s a hit in our household is Miles from Tomorrowland, with Miles being the favorite. His name is in the title but there’s other solid characters, like M.E.R.C., the family’s robo-ostrich who is always around.

  4. Cactus Toby

    No, Sheriff Callie isn’t the favorite despite her name being in the title, rather it’s a hat-wearing cactus who’s ever the optimist. He’s got a little twang in his voice and says some funny things occasionally that make Nolan laugh.

  5. Handy Manny

    The tools kind of steal the show, especially Flicker, the newest tool (he’s a flashlight). He struggles with the English language but he definitely helps Nolan learn some minor Spanish words, as does Manny.

Handy Manny fixes things and speaks Spanish, both things that will help both kids in their lives as they grow older. All of these shows beat the hell out of most of the other crap on television.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 – Disney Junior Characters

  1. Personally, I am fan of Night Ninja. And I agree, something happens during the day but they have to wait until night to try and solve it. And where are all the people at night? And are the villains (Romeo/Luna Girl/Night Ninja) also students at their school? I have SO many questions.

    Our three-year-old, Ian, often shouts out “Super Gecko Muscles!” when trying to escape our clutches around bathtime or on his way to a timeout. Its hilarious how he things that would actually work.

    Aside: I read an article on how the creators of the show weren’t able to put together a marketing deal in time for the holidays. I know at least one household that would have had PJ Masks items on their Christmas list.

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