Twittering with ‘AL’ from Staples

After writing on the weekend’s events, specifically our much ballyhooed visit to Staples, the post got shared (by me) on Twitter, tagging Staples because I figured, why not let them know how stoked a four-year-old was about going to their store.

They responded to my tweet:

I responded, as did they, several more times regarding his interest in writing, drawing, dry erase markers until I mentioned it was his birthday coming up in April, certainly not expecting what came next.

I sent the DM as was requested of me and whoever was in on this chat representing Staples – “AL,” according to their initials on the tweets and DMs – informed me that they were sending him some stuff and to check for an email.

Turns out, it’s totally awesome stuff – a pencil holder, a notebook, and a 4-pack of dry erase markers along with cleaning spray and an eraser. Nolan isn’t home yet but the package was waiting for me when I arrived after work.

It’s pissing rain here today and I guess the mail carrier or FedEx or UPS covered it with a clear plastic bag, which I appreciate immensely. I’m not going to bring it with my when I head to school to pick him up, instead I’ll leave it at the front door for him to discover on his own.

He’s gonna be elated.

So “AL,” whatever your actual name may be, I laud your brilliant customer service and willingness to make the day of a stranger’s young son. I’m blown away.

I’ll post a few photos of his reaction when he gets home.

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