Monday’s Music

Back when Nolan was a littler version of his current self and I stayed home with him, we would go on bike rides whenever the weather permitted. I’d strap him in to the child’s seat on my bike and take off for a few-mile journey on the tree-lined streets of northwestern Connecticut.

I attached an iPod to my arm – a 2nd Generation model – and let the music play without headphones so he could hear it as well. Often times, it was The Bronx, my favorite band, or Mariachi el Bronx, a mariachi version of my favorite band. Sometimes it was Eric Church or Carrie Underwood, my and Lindsay’s favorite country artists, respectively.

He knew I liked The Bronx and would ask for it by name, well, “The Bonx,” so I was more than happy to oblige.

So, that’s the direction I’m taking this Monday’s Music. The Bronx‘s “Style Over Everything,” as I wear my khaki chinos and polo. Far from stylish and the Valley, but that’s besides the point.


1 thought on “Monday’s Music

  1. Hey there! That’s some good music! I’m surprised I’ve never heard of The Bronx. It’s exactly the kind of music I listened to as a young man, when I was into skateboarding and such. The harmony in the chorus is killer. I’ll be tracking them down in the future!!

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