Landline: Yes or No?

Maybe I’m making much ado about nothing, but recently I’ve been thinking about a certain ‘what if’ scenario, to myself.

What if something happens to Linds or me and Nolan needed to call someone for help?

Could he do it with our cell phones? Maybe. Would he run to the neighbor’s house? Maybe. Would he just yell ‘HELP!’ as loud as he can? Maybe.

A landline is something we all grew up with in our houses. Shit, I had a landline in my college dorm room that I used 75% of the time, either to talk or make plans. The other 25% of the time I was likely walking to whoever I wanted to speak to. Today we’re so reliant on cell phones that most of us don’t even have a landline.

We don’t have one, nor do we have cable. Just internet. Cord-cutters UNITE!

Seriously though, this is a concern of mine and maybe I’ve already answered my own question, but we’re living in a generation that has been cutting the cable cord more regularly to save some money.

When we had cable and internet, we were paying upwards of $130 a month. Ridiculous. We’re paying $59.99 for internet monthly and have a Slingbox so we can watch live television when we want. We’re Hulu Plus subscribers, another $7.99 a month.

I’m actually online chatting with a rep from Charter right now who informed me my bill would increase to $73.98 per month plus a $35 installation fee.

Sorry, with the new car payment each month, that’s not in the immediate budget.

I posted my concern in a Facebook group of dads and got a variety of responses from those with and without landlines. One has a free VoIP service, which means…I have no idea, but I’m going to look into it. Another uses ooma, a voice service through your internet. These two things might (or might not be) connected. Another used I think a foreign language when he mentioned an Obihai box with his Google Voice account. I’m with one dad’s thinking, “I figure that if my son needs to call 911 I’m fucked anyway,” – funny, sad, and 100% true. Some mentioned teaching the kids what to do with cellphones  and others have it but don’t even use it.

A burner phone kept solely for emergency purpose is another option and I even saw something Apple sells or might not actually sell that kind of turns an iPhone into a handheld, landline phone.

Educating the kids, well, Nolan, on how to use the cell phone in case of an emergency seems like a logical choice, though. I just hope he doesn’t get distracted and instead decide on a game of Peggle.

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