Thank You letter to Staples, Amanda L.

A few weeks ago, Nolan and I shared quite an eventful Sunday afternoon together. Eventful as in he had finally gotten the chance – after a haircut and fro-yo – to set foot inside the holy grail of office supply stores – Staples.

A few days later, following my Twitter interaction with ‘AL,’ a kind-hearted Staples employee, Nolan received some office supply swag – dry erase markers, a notebook, a pencil holder – in the mail a few days later. (I also received confirmation that AL, and I’m guessing some coworkers, were enjoying some of my writing. Win-Win.) To say he was stoked is an understatement. The package read, “Happy Birthday Nolan Darcy” on it and he immediately recognized the logo in the upper-left corner.

Fast-forward to today.

I got home from work, Graham is sleeping soundly (he’s coughing and talking in his sleep, at least I think he’s asleep), and the nanny points out that the UPS guy just dropped off these three packages.

I saw Staples bumper stickers with their hashtag, #MakeMoreHappen, and thought one of our parents had sent Nolan’s birthday gifts to us but immediately then thought, “why the hell wouldn’t they just bring it to his birthday party?”

I ruined it by opening the boxes, one by one, looking for anything to show who it was from. Hell, if they were birthday gifts, I was going to hide them.

I just so happened to open the box with a letter in it stating who it was from…along with paper clips, Post-it notes, binder clips, highlighters, pencils. I opened the letter and saw a picture I took of Nolan gazing dreamily at the Sharpie display in Staples that Sunday afternoon. I was getting choked up.


We think you are the real MVP here! Encouraging Nolan’s love of office supplies is an awesome thing, and we would say that even if we didn’t sell them.
Your story brought us great joy as did his grin, so we thought we should really give him something to smile about. We hope Nolan, and the rest of the family, enjoy this care package. We apologize in advance for encouraging the reenactment of Memento, and hope you will still find other reasons to visit the library.
All the best,
Amanda Lewis, AL

Holy crap!

0302161256I opened the second box, and there was a laminator, one of just two items he’s asked for for his birthday (the other being a bounce house, so 50% ain’t bad, right?) This I’ll hide from him until his birthday and regift it from Amanda, so when/if he reads this in a few years, I’m sorry Noles.

The third box wasn’t so much a box as a box used as a giant envelope to hide a 23″ x 35# dry-erase board that is sure to blow his mind! It’s going to be featured prominently on the wall of his newly designed room that he’ll be sharing with Graham in a few months but I’m guessing he won’t wait that long to use it.0302161256a

So Amanda Lewis, even though Nolan is still at school celebrating Wacky Wednesday for Dr. Seuss’ birthday, I want to personally thank you. Nolan is going to be ridiculously excited. And Staples, keep hiring awesome people like Amanda and maybe one day Nolan can join your workforce.

I’m blown away at how a complete stranger(s) can help (in a little while) make the day – possibly year – of a soon-to-be five year-old boy.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t wait until he gets home. You’ve definitely made more happen.

Now I’ve gotta take down the Post-it notes all over the backdoor so he can start fresh when he gets home.

2 thoughts on “Thank You letter to Staples, Amanda L.

  1. Amanda Lewis “AL” what a wonderful person you are! You brought tears to my eyes. Never too young to learn how to Pay It Forward ~ Nolan!

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