Top 5 – MiLB Teams (New England+NY/NJ/PA)

In no way is this a Top 5 list based on wins and losses or production of Major League talent, but rather team name and logo. Let’s face it, everyone loves aesthetically pleasing logos and fun, unique team names.

Living in Connecticut, a state that’s had two minor league teams for years – one of which has a new home and awesome new look – I’m going to focus on my region of the country – New England: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. And since those six states have a combined seven minor league teams, I’ll include New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in there as well.

We signed Nolan up for Instructional Little League this Spring and he immediately smiled when he saw one of the sample shirts on display (read: hanging off a trophy case in the entrance to a high school), thus prompting his request to be on the Volcanoes. It is a pretty sweet logo and maybe one day we’ll travel out to Oregon to check it out in person.

In the meantime, here’s the top five.

Hartford Yard Goats, Double-A, COL (@GoYardGoats)

They took the NHL’s old Hartford Whalers colors and integrated them into a logo for a team name voted on by fans. The nickname is slang for an old railroad engine but there are plenty of goats in yards here in CT. And they’re going to be playing in a brand new Dunkin’ Donuts Park in downtown Hartford, so coffee for everyone! (photo: Hartford Yard Goats)

Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Triple-A, PHI (@IronPigs)

One of their alternate hats has a strip of bacon on it, so they’re immediately thrust into the top ten logos in all of MiLB. There’s swine all over their uniform because who doesn’t love bacon, I guess. The name comes from pig iron, used in the making of steel, in the Lehigh Valley. (photo: Lehigh Valley IronPigs)

Batavia Muckdogs, Short-Season A, MIA (@BataviaMuckdogs)

What a nasty looking dog sitting on an M-shaped fence with baseballs that’ve landed in a puddle of…muck. Batavia, for you not from Buffalo or Rochester, is roughly equidistant from each city. It’s surprising only 1,000 people or so would go out and support the Muckdogs each night. I’d go if I lived there. Hell, I’d at least buy a hat or t-shirt. (photo: Batavia Muckdogs)

Portland Sea Dogs, Double-A, BOS (@PortlandSeaDogs)

Sea Dawgs. Boston, right? I’ve been to Portland and it’s an awesome city. Hadlock Field is just a short walk from a brewery-filled downtown, including a Sea Dog Brewing Co. that offers up some killer beers. A sea dog is a mythical dog creature which gives this otherwise weird looking dog a story. (photo: Portland Sea Dogs)

New Hampshire Fisher Cats, Double-A, TOR (@FisherCats)

What cat fishes, right? They were originally unveiled as the NH Primaries in 2003 with a “Name the Team” contest that followed. A fisher cat is in the weasel family and not at all related to cats despite this one gripping a baseball in it’s tail. They’re actually quite nasty. (photo: New Hampshire Fisher Cats)

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