Top 5 – Kids’ Movies

Not a definitive list, but rather a list of Nolan’s favorite movies so far in his nearly 5 years on Earth. He’s seen a fair amount of movies while Graham, in the even he also watches a movie, takes in whatever it is. He mutters some things while watching but he’s not even two and speaks like a small caveman, so his input is hard to gather.

  1. Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Minions

    People either love these things or hate them. I don’t so much mind the little yellow creatures but a bunch of Nolan’s ‘school friends’ aren’t so keen on them. Nolan – and Graham, who calls them “meeya” – both enjoy watching them on screen. Nolan knows who they are, sleeps with two stuffed minions, and thinks Gru is one funny dude. Graham just sucks his damn thumb and laughs when Nolan does. Any time, any place and either kid will watch any three of these movies.
  2. Everyone’s Hero

    Nolan watched this with his grandparents one time and has been talking about it ever since, saying something about a ball and a butt, or something like that. It’s about baseball, more specifically the Yankees, as a boy apparently sets out to return Babe Ruth’s bat. It’s a movie I think I might watch with him today as I prepare dinner. Nothing wrong with letting a four-year-old learn a little bit about baseball history. Just went to search for it on HBO GO and it’s no longer available. Bummer. (photo: NYTimes)
  3. Bee Movie

    This one gets my seal of approval because Jerry Seinfeld voices the main character, Barry. The story is a bit weird when a bee falls for a human and the feels are reciprocal. Weird, but the idea that humans use bees for their honey is right on point. Shit, for to produce just one pound of honey bees fly upwards of 55,000 miles collecting nectar. And they live in such overpopulated hives it’s unsanitary. And the bears that honey often comes in
  4. Madagascar

    I’ll admit, this is a movie I might watch by myself. While I’ve never been to the New York Zoo, I have been to the Bronx Zoo, and there certainly was no talking zebra named Marty who has Chris Rock’s voice. They mention our state, Connecticut, which Nolan noticed. I’ve noticed he laughs at this movie uncontrollably and love, loves the music and has even memorized some of the lines. 
  5. Frozen

    He was, fortunately for us, late to the Frozen game. He watched it continuously when he first discovered it, also memorizing the lines and often times giggling whenever Olaf was on screen. He never wanted to be any character from Frozen for Halloween, so that’s good.

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