Crazy Mazes

Most days, Nolan asks for mazes. Not the kind that you can buy in practically every store that sells books or hell, even the grocery store sells them. Nope, he wants homemade mazes designed and drawn by me, who can barely draw stick figures.

I started up a new site, Maze Dad, where I’ll share pictures of the mazes I create for him, most of them share the same trait: they’re pretty amateurish. I try my best but it all looks so repetitive and for some reason I draw light bulbs on some, since I can actually draw a light bulb..

Don’t tell Nolan, he thinks they’re the coolest, except when I make black and white copies and try to pawn them off as separate mazes. He knows better but does them anyway.

Anyway, head on over if you want or just roll your eyes and mutter something incoherent under your breath, either way, I’m gonna keep making mazes.

Website: Maze Dad


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