Proof of life

I haven’t abandoned my blog here, rather have taken some time away to get our ducks in a row as we await boy number three, who is due April 25 but can really be here anytime he wants.

And holy shit, it’s real.

I just paid the nanny for the last time, further driving home the fact that it’s all us once this baby is born and comes home. She did an awesome job with Graham and it was a weird but bittersweet thing having to pay her for the last time – the next few checks until the school year ends can be put towards the house, food, diapers, wipes. Mostly diapers and wipes.

So if you’re listening Luvs, we will be blowing through tons of diapers as we’ll have two under 2 for around a month.

I have next week off of school, which is work, as does Nolan, so we’re good in that regard. If he decides to join us towards the beginning of the week, that’d be great, but anytime after Wednesday and he might as well hold off since it’ll be likely that Linds will then be forced to miss Nolan’s 5th birthday party. If she misses it, he’ll be crushed. I asked him that if I had the baby and missed it, is that ok? In a word – yes.

Thanks, kid.

I have a few things to do this weekend – assemble bunk beds for Nolan and Graham’s room, we have to head to IKEA to get some things to adorn the walls and floor in their room, I have a few finishing touches to do paint-wise around the house, I gotta maneuver the car seats around the Pathfinder to find a set-up that works since putting baby in the third row is probably not the best plan.

So there’s some things yet to do but I just wanted to prove to everyone I am, indeed, alive. And awaiting the arrival of boy number three. Hopefully after Nolan’s birthday.

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