Waiting Game

Cue the Final Jeopardy music, you know, the kind you play in your head when you’re impatiently waiting for something. Yeah, that’s us.

L wants this baby out here already and honestly, the sleepless nights ahead are appealing to me. I guess for the time being we should enjoy the whole sleeping through the night thing but we’re ready for the newest addition to the family. N is excited, which is saying something since his name recommendations have been Butt, Christmas Tree, and Chalk, among others.

Speaking of names…we’re still waffling on what we’re going to go with but we’ve got it down to less than five, which is a miracle. Maybe that’s what he’s waiting for, us to decide on a name for him. Or he hates the names we’ve narrowed it down to.

I mean we’re ready. We are so ready for this.

I hate being late. Ask anyone I know (or the handful of people I speak to regularly) and they’ll tell you the biggest gripe I have with other people is being late. Your time is not more valuable than mine, so act accordingly. This kid, he’s already starting off on the wrong foot.

L doesn’t want to get induced and some of the moms at N’s school have, unprovokedly, reaffirmed her notion of this. They were saying it’s the worst thing they’ve been through regarding childbirth. Maybe so but keep your opinion to your damn self. Thank you kindly.

We’ve reached the point where our hospital bags are already in the car ready to go as well as the camera. Not for photos of the actual childbirth, but to help document the experience for a third time. The champagne, that’s being kept cold…at the package store. I still haven’t gotten it yet but figure I’ll be able to pick some up relatively quick.

We’ve, well L, has subscribed to Honest Company’s Essentials Bundle for $35 a month, giving us the option of choosing five of a myriad of full-size products to help us all enjoy body care and bath essentials. We’ve used other brands in the past that have had adverse reactions to their skin or ours, so we’ll give this a shot. The first bundle she ordered includes bug spray, bubble bath, hair conditioner (for her I’m guessing), laundry detergent, and sun block. It’s always nice treating yourself to a monthly subscription thing so we’ll write this in the budget and see how it takes.

I guess that’s all we can do in the meantime – wait and prepare. L is still heading into work each day, the same way she did with the other two, trying to get as much done before she leaves so her co-workers don’t get too buried with her workload.

Hopefully this little dude gets here soon. At this point, we’d both welcome the sleepless nights and a fresh face in the fam!

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