Part 1: Farmers’ Markets = Food Trucks

I’m not a foodie nor do I claim to be. I also have very little understanding of what foods pairs with what and have no idea about “depth of flavor” or whatever the hell you hear on television cooking shows. But based on my ever-expanding waistline, I enjoy food. And I like all kinds of food.

Working events this summer for NoRA Cupcake Co. has allowed me the opportunity to get out and see a myriad of farmers’ markets here in Connecticut. For those of you unfamiliar with farmers’ markets, you’re likely living under a rock, but here is my elementary description: farm-to-tent produce/homemade goods/plants and food trucks. Basically supporting and sustaining local farms and people.

Farmers frequent the markets. Families with children also show up in louder droves. There’s also consumers seeking the freshest local and/or organic produce available in their area. Some people try to beat the crowds and show up at the opening bell (yes, there are bells signaling the open and close of the markets) for a quick jaunt for a few heads of lettuce or fresh corn on the cob. You’ll also see those who beeline it right for the food trucks. There’s also hipsters, tons and tons of hipsters who might or might not think it’s cool. When I check out our local market, the Coventry Farmers’ Market, we stride down the middle of the food truck lineup before surveying the rest of the scene. There’s always music, loads of people, sometimes unbearable heat, and the boys love it (or maybe it’s the lemonade and Italian ices). We pack their lunches since they’re the pickiest eaters you’ll ever find, but not having to buy them a lunch they’ll eat a bite or two of thus forcing me to eat the rest saves us some money. If/when they get dirty or sweaty, who cares, it’s summer (we try to keep their faces relatively clean) and it’s the outdoors in rural America.

I’ve been to markets I otherwise would never attend while slingin’ cakes aboard Lil’ NoRA – I’ve been to markets with tons of food trucks (I’m looking at you FARE) while also attending some where I’m the only one in wheels. But yeah, for me, it’s food trucks >> everything.

I don’t want to turn this into a dissertation so I’ll end this portion succinctly. Part Two will be my list of top food trucks or meals-on-wheels that I’ve come across in my journey aboard Lil’ NoRA.

Stay tuned, stay hungry.

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