Hey, 4 month sleep regression. Up yours!

Myth: there’s no such thing as a sleep regression

Fact: the 4 month sleep regression is real. And it’s horrible!

Austin was sleeping well, day (naps) and night (sleep). Key word was. Then he turned four months old and it’s been a roller coaster, mostly filled with screams. A two-hour afternoon nap has turned to 35 minutes or sleep, 35 rocking, maybe another 35 of sleep. What used to be a once or twice middle of the night whining has morphed into him waking up seemingly every hour. A little coaxing and popping the pacifier back in usually helps…for another 59 minutes.

His morning nap seems fine as he clearly has given us no reason to believe he’s done with them. He wakes up between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning. Eating ensues. By the time 8:30 rolls around he’s whiny, cranky, and his eyes have a hard time staying open. An hour-long morning nap is followed by a 10 o’clock bottle. Great.

He’ll occasionally fall back asleep, or want to, around 11:30ish for just a little while, half-hour maybe. His next bottle isn’t until one o’clock but he’s usually pretty jovial and in good spirits until then, even after waking up with an hour to go before he eats.

So…6:30 to 7:00 wake up; 8:30ish nap; 9:30ish wake up from nap; 10 o’clock bottle; 11:30ish catnap; noon wake up; 1 o’clock bottle.

Clockwork. Until recently.

He eats and cries when it’s gone (always) because he just wants to eat all day, like Graham tries to. Around quarter to two I’ll take him to his room, get him ready for nap, and rock him for a few before placing him in the crib, asleep or just barely awake. (save your “you shouldn’t rock them to sleep” malarky for someone who cares. Me, I want the kid to sleep however we can get him to sleep)

Thirty-five minutes later I hear the pacifier land on the floor (as it turns out, five feet from the crib) and crying soon follows. Lots of crying. Eyes wide open. No interest in sleep. I’ve taken him back out to the living room to play for a few before attempting a re-nap. I’ve calmly rubbed his back while his eyes slowly closed. Sometimes it works but most times it doesn’t.

The bottom teeth look like they could be on their was as well, since drooling has increased as has sucking/gnawing on his fist/arm.

He gets swaddled in the sleep sack for his long afternoon nap, something I’ve been doing for a while. He also gets the pacifier. There used to be maybe one wake up that was easily reversed back into sleep.

I’m not asking for sympathy or your condolences, I just am airing it out that the 4 month sleep regression is 100% real and it’s 100% miserable for everyone involved.

Just hoping it’s a phase (it is) with hopes of finding a solution. Maybe I have to force him awake for that 30-minute stretch just before noon. But that’ll lead to a cranky baby until nap time. Or maybe I need to just get him down to nap earlier, say 1 o’clock. Who knows?!

Nolan’s almost home, I’m going outside. Maybe Austin will fall asleep. Graham is out cold and wants no part of waking up to see Nolan get off the bus.

6 thoughts on “Hey, 4 month sleep regression. Up yours!

      1. I work from home and watch my daughter all day. Even my boss noticed her first sleep regression because my productivity dropped to almost zero. If she isn’t sleeping, I’m not working. Thankfully, her short, twice-a-day naps have molded into one long midday nap. Enough time to quickly cycle through meetings and commit enough stuff that it looks like I’m working.

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