Fan of the Week #GotMyCumbys

Nolan, not me, but courtesy of me.

Several weeks ago, a new Cumberland Farms opened in an adjacent town and during it’s construction, Nolan requested almost every time we left the house that we drive by it so he could track the progress they were making.

Every. Time.

Rewind a few weeks to when I wrote them an email telling them about his tracking the new store and simply requested a letter addressed to him on Cumberland Farms letterhead. They so kindly obliged and even sent him a $5 gift card. Explaining how a gift card acts as money to a five-year-old is no easy task so I lined up five stacks of quarters and tried to show him that these were in the card (“How’d they get those in there?”) and that every time he uses it, some money comes off the card (“Why doesn’t it come out of the card?”). You get the idea.

When it finally opened, he wasn’t even in Connecticut (he was on Martha’s Vineyard) but that didn’t damper his excitement – he had a $5 gift card he was itching to use. We headed there on his first full day back on the mainland and he was in all his glory. He wanted me to take his picture inside, which I did and eventually posted on their Facebook page. He then bought himself some crackers that were 2/$1 – he also bought one for Graham.

fullsizerender-5The other day I got a message on Facebook from them requesting my permission to make him “Fan of the Week,” I said absolutely. I knew he’s be ecstatic and when I showed him their post, he was. He was also totally confused by what I meant when I mentioned he’d be on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

They said to be on the lookout for a package and holy crapola, this kid is gonna freak out. The package got delivered this morning and weighs 8 POUNDS!! (that’s more than every one of the kids weighed when they were born).

I haven’t opened it because I’m not gonna steal his thunder but damn am I curious what they sent. I’ll have a follow-up Monday with the swag they sent but this is just a post to thank Cumberland Farms for the great engagement and for making the day week of my 5-year-old (when he gets off the bus from kindergarten in about an hour).

Have a great weekend and good luck to all you fantasy football junkies out there. Don’t freak out after Week 1, it’s just one week. (Who am I kidding, we’ll all hate our teams if we lose and look immediately to the waiver wire).

Peace. Love. Cumby’s.

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