Learning to Read

You might’ve seen maybe one of my favorite photos I’ve taken of Nolan if you follow me on Instagram but if not, there it is again:


Nolan learning to read with a book light clipped to his book shelf above his bed. It’s a simple book counting from one to ten with different animals. Pretty straight-forward but all the feels.

Prior to him getting in bed, we read My Car by Byron Barton, a book he took out of his school library last Friday. He’s allowed to keep the book for a week before he has to return it. (Friday is the day his class goes to the library.)

“I love my car.” “My car needs oil.” “I obey laws.” “I stop for pedestrians.” “I read signs.”

Those are just a few of the lines printed on some of the pages in the book, a simple, 36-page book designed to help kids read. Easy words, short sentences, illustrations that portray the words being read.

Despite him loving learning to read, he gets frustrated. He knows he’s learning to read but he still gets frustrated. And it goes back to a recent post on him being sensitive. He almost brings himself to tears (occasionally) when he can’t figure out a word or follow along with his finger. He expects to be able to read, which is awesome. He wants to know how to read on his own.

Once again I thank his teacher(s) for instilling this passion (and Linds, who loves to read) in him. He never showed a genuine interest in reading on his own until very recently. He’s always loved books, but was never really interested in reading himself. And now he expects to be able to do it in a week.

I love the ambition but understand that he lets himself down when he can’t figure it out on his own. We tell him we’re there for him, that learning to read takes time, that we still make mistakes and struggle with words when we read. Anything to keep him positive and excited to practice reading.

He’ll get there. Sooner than later. Every night for the past few nights that night-light has been on after hours in his attempt to learn to read.

Tonight marks Night 1 of gymnastics. Every Monday for as long as he remains interested but for now, he’s stoked.

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