Middle Child Problems

Graham is our middle child. You know the forgotten one. I’m guilty of that here as I rarely dedicate a post to him. Most of the time it’s Nolan, because, well, he’s five and is the most “human-like” of the three. He speaks, he feeds himself without wearing half of it, he can use the bathroom on his own, he listens more than half the time.

Graham is coming along quite nicely though. He’s starting to verbalize phrases and has increased his vocabulary immensely over the past few weeks/months. The speaking thing was an issue for Nolan as well, but eventually he started and hasn’t stopped since. I forget who mentioned it but as the middle child doesn’t need to speak. As parents, we sometimes tend to ask the older siblingto give something to their little brother, or get something that the littler one might not be able to get on their own. They don’t need to ask for it, they just need us to tell the middleman to get it. Who needs words?

He’s sneaky because he gets into everything nary a peep. Leave him alone for thirty seconds and he might be on the kitchen table. And he has no problems or hesitation walking down stairs (he’s fully capable, but sometimes charges too hard) or trust-falling onto anything/anyone.

He definitely will be top two toughest in the family (the jury is still out on Austin) thanks to repeated knockdowns by Nolan, ingeniously getting things he wants to eat/play with, always getting back up when he’s down.

And now, with Nolan in kindergarten all day, Graham is the big brother. He gets excited when Noles gets on the bus in the morning and when he finally gets home in the afternoon. He loves bedtime with his older bro on the top bunk.

He doesn’t quite get that 97% of his wardrobe was Nolan’s but that’s ok, don’t all families do that?

He’s generally pretty happy except when he gets into a once- or twice-daily mood where he’ll answer every single question we ask with a resounding “NO!” But eventually he gives in.

Graham is very good with Austin throughout the day, hugging him, laying next to him when I change diapers, petting him, poking his forehead. Ya know, big brother stuff. And he loves copying everything Nolan does despite Nolan’s disdain for such actions. “Why’s he copying meeee?”

So this was a post was(mostly) all about Graham. I gonna try to work on some sort of child rotation for writing since Nolan gets most of the blog love.


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