Friday in the Field 1.0

Maybe it’s about time to link up some of the blogs I read. Most relate to being a dad, parenting, and their kids, but all most are relatable to life experiences and lessons.

As a wannabe blogger/writer, I want to thank those of you who read my posts or at least pretend to and also thank those of you who “Like” the stuff I put on the blog’s Facebook page.

It was pretty cool to be mentioned on the Dad 2.0 Summit ‘Porchlight Posts’ last week and I was also the featured blogger on the Share Thread this week on the Dad Bloggers group on Facebook. So a pretty cool week overall on the blog front. And here I am thinking (realistically) that only a few people see and read my stuff.

  • The Rookie Dad brings up a valid point about an Express Lane for School Drop-Off after being stuck behind a minivan who unloaded (and hugged) each of the four kids in it. Hustle it up, will ya!?
  • Jeff at Out With The Kids hit the nail on the head with his Dear Kids, You Cannot Be Anything You Want, because despite the fact that the odds are stacked against most of us (playing professional sports or publishing a book), it doesn’t mean we all aren’t awesome!
  • Ruddy Bits hit on the fact that us, parents, are ruining youth sports in How We’ve Ruined Sports and Other Joyful Things. Kids need to experience being part of a team, failure, but they don’t need their parents ruining this by putting too much pressure (and investing a crap ton of money) into trying to make their kid the best. Your kid rules.
  • You might think your kid is the smartest like Dave from Amateur Idiot/Professional Dad, but don’t get too caught up in it and more importantly, Hey Parents, Don’t Get Cocky. Eventually, the milestones they hit when they’re kids will give way to “well-earned” and “hard-fought” milestones, where it actually means something.
  • Balding? Here’s a hilarious and truthful list of  The Ten Do’s and Don’t of Balding Gracefully by The Unfit Father. As someone who is losing my hair slowly but steadily, I can totally relate to numbers 2 and 9. Read it for yourself.

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