I am fairly certain I’ve touched on Austin teething before but in case you missed it, I think he’s teething. And he’s almost five months old!

Fortunately, like Nolan and unlike Graham, he’s taking it all in stride.

Watching him tongue his gums as it emerges from his mouth like a worm out of the ground is kind of funny to watch. We’re constantly wiping the streams of drool from his chin and neck but it sure beats the alternative: a screaming, cranky infant.

I try seeing if there’s anything that resembles a tooth as I pry his mouth open but even though he’s the third kid, I still have no idea where the first one comes from. My train of thought is it comes from the ridge of the gums but sometimes there’s white-looking marks on the front of his gums. So I guess when they pop through, they pop through.

His hands are constantly being shoved in his mouth, which is sometimes followed by a gagging sound. So naturally instead of stopping he’ll just switch hands.

He’s great taking a pacifier still, so that helps alleviate some of the drooling and just the other day we broke out Sophie la Girafe. Each kid has had one of these over-priced rubber giraffes and none have really used it a ton, but you have to have one, right? I gave it to him in his car seat and he kept it in his grasp the entire trip (15 minutes) despite his eyes watering a bit when I was taking him out, possibly from poking himself with her nose or ear.

img_0113We also broke out the ExerSaucer since he’s tall enough to reach the bottom. He loves it, in spurts. I feel like putting him in there standing while I cook or clean is way better than letting him roll back to stomach around the rugs and hardwood floors. His favorite thing is the little polar bears on a seesaw and the push down penguin, even though he can’t quite reach him yet.

So yeah, almost five months old already. He remains our biggest kid per the height and weight measurements at this age, he’s sleeping through the night, and has proven that his four-month sleep regression was thankfully just a short phase.

Graham has been affectionate and very kind to Austin and seems to be enjoying the role of big brother while Nolan is at kindergarten. The only thing about him he doesn’t like is when he grabs at him or latches onto his hair and just pulls, but that’s understandable.

Boys will be boys.

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