Friday in the Field 2.0

So it’s Friday in the Field again so without and fluff or filler, without any word-count quota pomp and circumstance, here’s a list of some of the best posts of the week.

  • Our best of friends Alana at Butlerish suggests you Read this as fast as possible for full effect, something I did and grinned the entire time before I went back and tried to figure out who said what. You’d get it a bit more if you knew her and her wife, their spirited 3-year-old daughter, the 80-something basement-dwelling legend known as Papa, and maniacal little mutt Buster. Modern Family ain’t got nothing on this crew.
  • Tor crushes is with his awesome Lunchbox Notes, a sub-blog from his main page, And I’m the Dad. I do the same for Nolan but not to this extent. Plus Nolan can’t really read so I try keeping it simple. Lately I’ve done Word Searches and added a crayon in his lunch box.
  • What’s that you say? Billy at Wrap Daddy wrote a post dedicated solely to cargo shorts, an ode if you will? The People’s Shorts: Raising Cargo Awareness is a well-done piece calling out the fashionistas who shun them. I’m a dad and yes, I too have a few pairs that I wear, even though one has zippers to the slender cargo pockets, making it a bit of a pain getting my mitts in there. Either way. #YesCargo
  • Adrian of Dad or Alive lore scribed “Breaking Binky,”his first full-page article that’ll grace the pages in the October issue of Parents Magazine. It talks about childhood memory and how a little empowerment goes a long way.


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