Friday in the Field 4.0

Here’s the fourth installment. Enjoy. Or don’t. It’s Friday, I’m ok with whatever you decide to do. I read it.

  • Brandon at The Rookie Dad explains it’s Stitches That Bring Boys Together as his 5-year-old so didn’t listen…again. He reflects back on himself 27 year prior even though it’s a little blurry but knows he too didn’t always listen. As parents, we’ve all experienced it and know exactly what he’s talking about. We’ve been to the ER once apiece with Nolan and Graham and I’m guessing certain that since “boys will be boys,” we’ll be there again despite our best efforts to protect our kids from harm.
  • Adam, aka Tenor Dad, will assume and not make an ass out of him and me, but instead assume you do not like pain yet do enjoy a friendly smile (not a creepy one). What I Will and Will Not Assume offers up some wit and insight as he lets his “kids be as happy and free as he deems tolerable.” Bottom line, don’t assume any more than the baseline about people.
  • And my homage to The Rookie Dad continues as his most recent post, You Better Not Ring That Doorbell, just hit my inbox. All the feels despite rarely hearing my doorbell ring. Our house and property are set up so I can pretty much see or hear anyone in our driveway, so I promptly cut them off before they head to the bell.
  • Tony at Faith, Family, and Technology offers up his best tip for Easy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. He opts for the cast iron skillet method (I own one but it’s got ridges, making it a grill pan. I just used the Google to find out). And his tip might surprise you a bit but after but it has to do with butter. I’ve been making them on a pan on the actual grill, but next time maybe I’ll try my cast iron grill pan.

Not link or blogger related, but I am redoing my fireplace. I’m removing the tile that was haphazardly used to cover the brick and plan on painting it and putting up a floating mantle. Timeline is before Thanksgiving and I am confident in my ability to get this done. Plus Butlerish apparently offered up their help. Sweet!

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