10 reasons Fall is my favorite season

(That picture is a throwback from 2012, when Nolan was the lone child)

Besides Maine (where they have winter and a few weeks in July), the majority of New England experiences all four seasons.

Summer: Sun, sand, watching your kids eat sand, not being able to relax at the beach because your kids are running wild. But this summer was hotter than hell. I do like the heat, but only to a certain extent. This summer exceeded my extent.

Spring: Baseball starts, the abundance of trees and flowers here in New England are in full bloom, the weather is pretty decent.

Winter: Sucks, but the kids love the snow and snowmen are fun but shoveling sucks. And it’s cold.

Fall: Finally! Here’s ten reasons fall is my favorite season and awesome for the kids as well.

  1. Perfect weather: Summer is over so you’re done sweating like a pig. It’s cool enough to have a bonfire (it’s in the cards this fall) without freezing your ass off. Chances are the kids won’t complain about being too hot or cold either. Autumn sounds a lot like awesome. We’ve already roasted marshmallows (at the Butler House) this fall. But the weather trumps all. I imagine fall out here is what San Diego is like year-round, just weather bliss.
  2. Halloween: Because what’s not to love about walking your kids around in costumes as they trick or treat? The hopes of finding the house that hands out full-size candy bars are real. But mostly it’s watching your awesome kids excitement as they get to dig in to a bucket of candy like they’ve got a plan when in fact their hand emerges with Whoppers.
  3. Foliage: Have you ever seen the foliage from late-September through October? There’s so many country roads that offer so much to look at it’s truly a sight to behold. Trying to get a five-year-old excited to see the fall colors is a tough task, so this might be a happenstance viewing of the tree-lined roads and forests.
  4. Corn mazes: Who doesn’t love walking through eight-foot tall corn stalks pretending you know where the hell you’re leading your family as your oldest reminds you that that’s the wrong way?
  5. Pumpkin everything: Beer. Picking. Carving. Coffee. Pie. Seeds. Ice cream. Pancakes. Muffins. By now you should’ve already accepted the fact that once the calendar hits September, your life will be inundated with all things pumpkin. Pumpkin carving and the massive seasonal beer selection are my favorites but I know carving is the kids’ favorite. Gutting it, figuring out which design they’re I’m going to butcher before deciding on two crescents, a triangle, and a mouth with three teeth.
  6. PYO: If you have never seen this acronym, I feel bad for you. Here in Connecticut, pick-you-own is practically a way of life. There are farms and orchards all over the state that allow us to pick apples, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins, pears, plums. The kids love it because they pretty much eat everything we’re picking before we check out, so there’s no need to buy 32 pounds of apples or 8 pounds of berries. And 98% of the time, these PYO farms have a farm stand with a bakery featuring apple cider donuts.
  7. Thanksgiving: The one holiday we host every year, I get to put my culinary chops to the test. We don’t have a sprawling, expansive house so space is limited. I’ll have a slow cooker with potatoes going outside while another slow cooker with stuffing is cranking in the basement. The oven is reserved for the turkey. Cranberry sauce is made from fresh cranberries ahead of time.But it’s great having family over and eating until we feel gross, drinking lots of beer, and watching lots of football.
  8. Comfort: It’s acceptable to wear sweatpants all weekend, every weekend, 100% of the time, especially from late-October on. Also jeans. Hoodies. Long-sleeved waffle tees. Thick socks. Straight up comfort 24/7. Nolan hates jeans anyway, so sweats are always on heavy rotation.
  9. Open windows: Sleeping conditions are pretty much ideal. It’s cool but not frigid and there’s always seems to be a slight breeze. No fans or air conditioners needed. And no heat coming from the baseboards until it forces itself on to heat the house.
  10. Leaves: Last for a reason. We get a ton of leaves and I hate raking them (even though it’s pretty convenient having the property surrounded by woods) but there’s something to be said for raking a huge pile of leaves for the boys to jump in. They love it. Then we check them for ticks.

There’s plenty of other reasons to love fall (football, having funky looking squash and gourds around the house, candles, mallocreme pumpkins) but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Enjoy all that is this glorious season of fall.

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