Halloween hand-me-down

It’s October and that means we’re really close to the time of year every parent steals from his or her children. Yes, of course it’s Halloween! Kids don’t really need fifteen pounds of candy, do they? They don’t even know that the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, no matter the size, is the best candy they’ll eat (or not eat). But it’s more than candy…there’s adorable and annoying costumes!

There’s two types of parents on Halloween:

  1. Those who cater to their child’s every want and whim when it comes to Halloween, dropping big money on a costume they’ll wear for one night and probably not even get a thank you for. Like this stupid Child Clock Costume … the kid wearing it looks freaking miserable and/or thinks he’s too cool … in an $80 costume.
  2. Those whose kids are too young to form opinions and will wear what we decide because their older sibling wore it and outgrew it.

We’re the latter.

Nolan has his own idea for a costume – it’s brilliant and we can totally make it ourselves. Graham is going to wear a costume we got from friends – he screams when we’re putting it on him but likes it once it’s on. Then there’s Austin who’ll definitely be wearing a costume one of his two brothers have worn. And you know what? He’s not even going to care because he’s not even six months old and probably won’t even be awake.

Eventually we might go the route of dressing them up so they form a trio – think Three Musketeers (something they’re more likely to eat than realize they’re dressed up as), Rock-Paper-Scissors (I kind of like that one actually), Thing 1 Thing 2 Thing 3 (I know there are only two), or even Ninja Turtles – but for now, it’s DIY and hand-me-downs.

And they won’t care or remember what they were ten or fifteen years from now. Austin probably has a few years of repeat costumes left, one of the perks being the youngest of three. Nolan, he gets the pick of the litter as long as the litter isn’t expensive.

On a serious note, while you pilfer your kids Halloween candy on the sneak, check for any sketchy or opened candy. As a parent, it’s our job to protect and look out for our kids. There’s a lot of negativity out there and people who just aren’t good. Throw out the stuff that’s looks iffy, steal the stuff they won’t appreciate, and let them have at least half of their candy. Their teeth are gonna fall out anyway.

Happy Halloween and be safe. Equip yourselves with glow sticks so cars and other groups of people can see you trick-or-treating.

Three more tips before I go.

  1. If you have multiple kids for the first time on Halloween, use a wagon (and pack some adult beverages)
  2. If you’ve got just a tiny infant, forget Halloween and sit home drinking wine or pumpkin beer as you watch those snot-nosed punks your future come to the door every 90 seconds…
  3. …as long as they don’t ring the doorbell and wake up the kids.

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