Review: The Rad Dad Box

Monthly subscriptions are everywhere right now but it seems like all are catered to someone other than the dynamic duo of a dad and their child(ren). Personally, we don’t belong to any (Linds subscribed to BirchBox years ago) because we don’t really have disposable income, but if I had some for myself, that’s where the brand new The Rad Dad Box would come in.

img_0820After a few comments and likes from @RadDadBox on Instagram, I decided to ask for a little barter – an honest review for the first month’s box. The idea came when Michelle, who curates the contents of the box, was looking for a push present for her husband during her pregnancy. All the subscription boxes were geared towards moms and kids but none for dads and kids. Boom. Idea born.

The mailwoman left the package on the front stoop today while I was feeding Austin and said, “Your rad dad box is here!” Curious how she knew, I went out and got it when I was done and saw the logo on the box – a dad penguin with his chick next to an easily readable font.

Graham was super excited and Austin began banging on it like a drum, so it was time to open it up.img_0827

Not fifteen seconds after opening it, the tiny brown strips of packing confetti were everywhere! Graham was rubbing them on his face before throwing them everywhere and Austin had two fists full. I weathered the storm and got down to it: checking out the swag inside!

There was a note to me as well as a list of the December box’s contents. This is the initial offering of The Rad Dad Box, so I was thrilled to check it out before they were sent out.

Here’s a list of what was in there and my thoughts on each item.

  • Oatmeal and Olive ‘Salem’ Soap by WyldeIvy: Oddly enough, I just ran out of soap so this is perfect. It smells like you’d expect a fully bearded dad wearing a flannel shirt chopping down a tree with his baby strapped to his chest would smell like. It’s all man, man. (Usefulness: 5/5)
  • Manly Hands Hand Sanitizer by Hands by Heath: I currently have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag that’s running out, so again, perfect timing. According to Heath’s Etsy site, it’s a “smoky and refined scented hand sanitizer with notes of tobacco and bay leaf,” which I totally agree with. This will be put to use often on both my hands and the kids’. Oh yeah, Heath is 6-years-old. (Usefulness: 5/5)img_0829
  • The New Father by Armin A. Brott: A book. Before Austin came along, I was reading a lot and plan to read this as well. Technically I’m a new dad even though this is our third kid. As a parent, you never stop learning and I’m excited to start this. a 4.5-star rating according to 164 customer reviews on can’t be wrong. (Usefulness: 3/5)
  • Llama Teether by Sugar Maple Toys: Another Etsy retailer, SMT offers up wooden teethers, rattles, toy, and state shakers. This llama is so smooth and easy to grip for Austin’s little hands. He’s been teething a lot with Sophie, but the texture of this might be a welcome change. There are care instructions with it in case you’re wondering how to clean it. (Usefulness: 4/5)
  • I’m Not Listening Earplugs: I saw this and immediately thought it was kinda funny but not at all useful. Maybe for the little one if you bring them to a concert or somewhere louder than usual, but the chances of me using them to block out screaming infants or incessant nagging is roughly zero percent. (Usefulness: 0/5)
  • Fatherhood Comic from Milk Rice Comics: Seeing something in comic form always makes it a bit more relatable and these parenting gems are no different. The included comic card showcases the expectations vs. reality of fatherhood quite accurately. Their Instagram is fairly new but give them a follow if you you’re into Fowl Language Comics. (Usefulness: 2/5 but it’s 100% true)
  • Paper Christmas Ornament from Chelleline Cards: Nolan will have fun coloring this. (Usefulness: 4/5)
  • Rad Dad onesie and pin: The pin will go on whichever bag I carry my dad supplies and the onesie will be put to use once winter ends. (Usefulness: 4/5)

img_0832What’s it cost? If you’re looking to check it out but not commit, a no subscription Essentials Box is available for $20 which includes the teether, soap, plus two surprise items. A one-time, no subscription box (the one I received minus the book) is available for $36. The prices go up to $60 (for the Rad Dad Newborn Starter Box) which contains all of the above plus a frame, rattle, mints, washcloth, unitensil, and nail file.

Overall, the box I got was packed with useful items geared more towards me than baby, but how much does an infant really need? If you’re struggling to get the dad-to-be in your life a gift, this box fits the bill. And there’s really no need to lock in – they offer month-to-month, 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions, two different size boxes, and a variety of one-time boxes. Go check it out at

Readers who decide to try it out can get 10% off their order using coupon code AUSTIN at check out. 

(Disclaimer: I was sent the December box free ($50 on the site) in exchange for an honest review of its contents here on my site. All opinions are my own and were not swayed in any way by lack of sleep.)

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