Kindergarten drop-off

About 94% of the time Nolan takes the bus to school. Very rare are the occurrences where Linds (twice) or I (once) drop him off, but the other day, he requested I drop him off. Then I tried to explain how to see and pronounce ‘that’ and he said mommy was going to drive him. I went outside to switch the car seats only to come back in and understand it was me, once again, that he wanted to drop him off.

We waited for his bus to show up and he informed Ray that “I want daddy to drive me to school today. Byeeee.” And off we went.

We chatted about how I was just trying to help him with sight words and that he didn’t need to get upset and then he began singing the sight word songs they sing at school. In between word songs he explained the turn-by-turn route Ray takes and immediately launched back in to song. Six minutes later we were there.

I parked.

We walked towards the main entrance with him asking why everyone is wearing their school shirt (it was November’s Spirit Day) before waiting in line to give Flippy the dolphin a hug. Rudy, the custodian, held the front door while welcoming everyone with a smile.

I stopped by the office to get a visitor’s sticker that Nolan decided to wear and walked him to his classroom. This kid was beaming and it was so cool to see.

He saw one of the girls in his class and after she said hello to him, he shyly waved and said hi back, with a little wave.

We got to his classroom and he immediately went to his “mail box” to see which letters he was going practice in his Fundations book this weekend. He got a few acknowledgements from his friends and he quickly replied back with a greeting, subtle wave, and smile.

He explained his every move as he unloaded his lunchbox into the bottom of his cubby (it’s roughly 1′ wide by 4′ tall), his afternoon snack and library book onto the top shelf, and his sweatshirt and backpack onto the hooks. He took four steps to where they daily sight word hangs and read it and the corresponding sentence aloud to himself. He tugged my shirt to make sure I heard him.

He kissed my hand and I kissed his as he blurted out, “OK, gotta go to the bathroom, love you dad.”

His comfortable stride through the halls, his eagerness to show me his daily routine, the excitement to see his friends and be at school.

I’m glad he chose me for the 15 minutes it took to get him to school and dropped off. It’s pretty awesome to see the smile on your 5-year-old’s face when he can’t wait to learn.

Drop-off one was a success but I know he loves the bus, so I’m not sure there’ll be many more this year.

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