Graham was writhing in pain, tugging at his ears, and dripping snot until after midnight before finally retreating from our bed back to his lower bunk and passing out. I’m pretty sure that him being a thumb-sucker wasn’t helping matters. As of this writing, 8:41am, he’s still asleep in bed. 

Austin has a runny nose and is addicted to pacifiers, so when he fell asleep with it in, he probably couldn’t breathe too well, leading to multiple wakeups overnight.  I’m rocking him to sleep right now and hopefully I’ll be able to pry the pacifier out of his mouth before putting him in his crib. 

Nolan has a little cough and runny nose and struggles at blowing his nose. He tenses up his whole body and holds his breath, then gets frustrated when he can’t blow boogers. 

Linds and I are feeling OK for now, besides running on a few hours of interrupted asleep. But that’s parenting. 

Just made a doctor’s appointment for Graham. Hoping it’s not some respiratory infection or something real shitty like that. 

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