Product Review: Baby Bjorn One

Nolan was the beneficiary of the first Baby Bjorn I owned way back in 2011. It was a gray carrier with white and red trim and we used it every single day while living in New York City for the early part of his life. I’d wear it/him walking around the city, on the bus, on the subway…pretty much anywhere but in a taxi.

The wear and tear we put on that thing along with the coffee/food/puke/sweat stains is absorbed, even after washing it numerous times, we had to get rid of it. Maybe it was the light color combo?!

Fast-forward six years to present day. We’ve got two more kids and a cache of baby carriers, none of which are a Baby Bjorn…UNTIL THIS WEEK!

img_1936I was about to head out to run some errands with Graham and Austin (who will be the sole occupant) and noticed a package on the doorstep. JACKPOT!

img_1939I took it inside and sat it on the floor. As the picture suggests, Austin wasn’t nearly as thrilled as I was. He turned his attitude around once I opened the brown box…I mean maybe he just didn’t know what was in it. After all, he’s just eight months old, it’s not like he can read!

I knew the window of opportunity to run said errands was closing to I gave the instructions a quick once-over and put it on. I had one immediate thought: this thing is diesel!

Here’s a more comprehensive review on the Baby Bjorn One.

  • OOTB readiness. Literally, this thing is ready to use as soon as it’s in your hands. No videos (though there is one on the product page) on the proper or alternate ways to wrap your little one. No parts that need attaching. There were a few changes from what I remember of my old one – new clips, a wider seat area for baby’s butt (?), and thicker shoulder pads. There are instructions, but they were realimg_1943ly clear and easy to read. I was ready to boogie in two minutes.
  • Front-facing. The front-facing aspect of this carrier is why I missed my old one. Austin was belly-to-belly with me and outside of turning his head around like an owl, he was missing all the things I was seeing. For an 8-month-old, people pushing shopping carts or cars driving through the parking lot, grocery store shelves and all the people moseying about is pretty cool stuff. Especially when you’ve been relegated to giving them all the side-eye with other carriers.
  • Multiple carrying positions. If we’re going for a stroll (note: NOT going for many in the cold New England winter), the direction of the wind determines whether or not I’m going to go front-facing or not. There’s an upright position, a free-range movement of baby’s arms and legs while facing inward, front-facing, and on your back (not brave enough to try this one).
  • Easy to put on. No reaching for clips between your shoulder blades to tighten. Sounds easy enough but sometimes when it’s cold, you don’t have a great feel for your fingertips and it’s a tough go. And it goes on just like a t-shirt – over your head.
  • Dark colors = stain hiding. I’m sure over time it’ll get puked on, have snot dripped on it, and incur food stains, but the black color should hide it. Not to mention it’ll hide the dirt and sweat the gray one I used to own didn’t. The only issue has been the black cotton mix not hiding my dog’s hair particularly well, but that’s my problem, not the carriers. Four of the five colors they offer are dark, with the lone exception being Birchwood Beige, but it’s sharp-looking nonetheless.
  • Newborn to three years. Longevity is key and you get that with this carrier. With three boys, I’m sure I’ll get the full three years out of it, especially since Austin is a peanut. We went to the doctor today and he weighed in at fifteen pounds, so we’ve got another eighteen to go before he outgrows this thing.

Overall, I have nothing negative to report on besides the lint showing up on the black cotton fabric. I’ve only had it five days and have used it every day. My logic is this: if I’m going to be somewhere for more than ten minutes, I throw the carrier on. If not, the car seat comes with. Often times I’ll put the carrier on before getting in the car (without Austin in it) so it makes the transition even easier.

I can’t wait to see what they roll out at Dad 2.0 Summit in a few weeks when they talk about a new dad-inspired collection they’re releasing this spring.

(Disclaimer: I received a free Baby Bjorn One baby carrier in exchange for a review on this blog. All thoughts expressed are my own.)

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