Southwest Airlines, FTW!

As most of you probably know, I blog. As most of you probably don’t know, I’m headed out to San Diego for the Dad 2.0 Summit.

There’s a snowstorm coming our way, looking like it’ll hit Thursday morning. I was scheduled to fly out at 5:45am but with the storm’s heaviest snow scheduled for between 7am and 1pm, it was looking less and less likely.

There are only five flights from A to B and four are before noon, so if Southwest decided on a travel advisory at 10am tomorrow, Wednesday, I’d have already missed the chance to hop aboard one of those planes and it would’ve basically given me no time to get to the airport for a 12:40pm flight.

I called earlier and they said there were no advisories for my airport. I called again, on Linds’ recommendation, and spoke to Linda (crazy, right?) in San Antonio, who mentioned it was eighty degrees today. I told her it was freezing rain here.

I explained my logic behind calling (again) to see if there was an advisory (yet) because if they announced it tomorrow, I’d have missed four of five outbound flights, yada yada yada. She understood and asked me when I wanted to leave.

I told her the last flight tomorrow afternoon would be perfect since we’re looking at upwards of eight inches of snow here and blah blah blah…

“OK, I’ll do it!”

No charge! Linda either felt bad that she was sitting in eighty degrees while I was dealing with freezing rain or was just plain nice. I’m guessing the latter.

So, Linda at Southwest, thank you very much. You alleviated a headache and also helped me save a few hundred bucks.

You the real MVP!

(hopefully the company is cool with this and this post doesn’t get you fired)

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