Product Review: lalabu’s Dad Shirt

Sometimes The majority of the time, the most convenient way to bond/shop/walk with your children is to wear them. Especially if you have another child or two along with you

415a6410-6709-437d-a84f-d2f732abb051It doesn’t claim to be a hands-free carrier (I’d call it a hand-free carrier) but the Dad Shirt by lalabu is in a class all by itself.

Pretend you’re a marsupial. If you aren’t sure what a marsupial is, think kangaroo or koala or any species where the young are carried in a pouch. That’s you!

The Dad Shirt is made specifically for dads (duh!) and is so dang soft right out of the package. Here’s a few other aspects of the Dad Shirt that are pretty great.

  • A breathable mesh panel separating you and the inside of the pouch where baby would sit
  • An drawstring adjustable head support and pouch extender that is meant to extend as baby grows
  • There’s no messing around with loops and straps and watching videos about how to use it, just put it on, give the directions insert a read and you’re ready to go
  • If/when you wear the shirt without baby, there are two tiny magnets sewn in to the shirt to keep the top of the pouch close to the chest.

Easy peasy.

This shirt is awesome if you’re looking for that bonding experience with your newborn or think they need the skin-to-skin contact to calm them down, while keeping one hand free. It’s only recommended for infants up to 15 pounds. When I got it, Austin was right at 15 pound mark and despite loving being is such close proximity to me, was a bit big for it.

Had I know about this shirt a few months and pounds prior, it’s definitely something I’d have invested in.

Overall, a quality product and definitely in a class all its own.

(Disclaimer: I received a free Dad Shirt in exchange for an honest review. All thought expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.)

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