When you can’t even bribe your 2yo to pee on the potty but know he’s got A+ aim

There are tons of potty training memes out there, but none capture it so perfectly as Brian Gordon at Fowl Language Comics.

“The only thing worse than a kid in diapers…” (courtesy: Fowl Language Comics)

We’ve still got two in diapers, for the record.

So we gave the two littler guys a bath and allowed Graham a bit of free reign by letting him cruise around sans diaper until it was time to go to bed, roughly forty minutes or so.

“Graham, if you need to go to the bathroom, tell mommy or daddy, OK?”

Yeah right, mom and dad!

The toys of the night were two empty boxes of wipes, one a little smaller than the other, that all three boys seemed to be enjoying.

We were doing other things, like hanging up towels or the dishes or something, when Graham went to Linds and asked her to follow him.

Alas, in the box, was a puddle of piss, which had also partially seeped onto the rug on which it sat.

We can’t even bribe him with lollipops or M&Ms to pee on the potty. At least he has good aim, though. And that he chose corrugated cardboard, which absorbed most of the damage.

Good effort, Grahambo.


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