Giveaway: Baby Bjorn Carrier One

As an at-home dad to two (sometimes three) young boys, it often feels like I’m performing a juggling act when we go out. I’m not juggling the boys (though I can juggle), but rather tasks. At home, things like unloading the dishwasher or vacuuming are pretty easily completed, but when we venture out of the friendly confines, that’s when it gets real. Nolan and Graham can kind of keep pace while we’re out despite Graham being a bit of a wild card. Austin isn’t walking yet, so what do we do? Stroller? Car seat?


Baby-wearing is the only way to get things done while leaving my hands free to wrangle one or both of the older boys, push the shopping cart, unload groceries, etc. That’s why I’m so damn thrilled to partner with Baby Bjorn, a brand whose products I’ve used since Nolan was born nearly six years ago, for this giveaway!

Whenever I’m out running errands, at the park, or anywhere else, there’s a high likelihood that I’m wearing Austin while Graham runs amok. And without fail, every day, I hear one of these four comments:

  1. “Two/Three boys? You are brave!” No, I’m not, I’m just their dad.
  2. “You must have your hands full.” Actually, this baby carrier is helping keep them free, but yeah, I’m just out here like anyone else.
  3. “Aww, giving mom a day off?” No, she’s working hard to provide for our family.
  4. “Dads day to babysit?” Dads don’t babysit, it’s called parenting!

I’m just doing what any parent does – raising my children and enjoying the time I get to spend with them. The truth is, parenting has no days off, regardless who works and who might stay home. Even when we’re not with the kids, chances are we’re still thinking or talking about them.

Why am I questioned as a parent, because I’m a dad? It’s 2017!?! There’s no right way to parent and the truth is, we’re all learning on the job every day. But as a dad, I’ve got a cache of stories from the road/store/playground, just like I’m sure moms do.

Back to the giveaway.

Baby Bjorn is running a campaign called #DadStories, where dads speak about our experiences of becoming/being a dad, as told by us, the dad! (They get it!)

I’ve never held a giveaway, so I’ll try to streamline it as much as possible for those of you who are reading, and the instructions are fairly simple.

PRIZE: Baby Bjorn Carrier One

WHEN: Wednesday, 3/1 – Tuesday, 3/7 (1 week)


LIKE and COMMENT on the giveaway posts via Instagram and/or Facebook giving me one of your dad stories, dad hacks, or parenting tips. You MUST include #DadStories and #HomeFieldGiveaway to be qualified to enter.

I will do a LIVE drawing of the winner shortly after the giveaway ends. I’m not using some fancy-shmancy raffle app or website. I’m taking it back to the old school – writing all entry names on separate strips of paper to be placed into a bucket. After much arguing over who will pick the winner, one of the boys will eventually pick the winning name.

I will reach out to the winner via method of entry after the drawing.


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