At-Home Dad’s Guide to the NCAA Tourney

Every parent will tell you they love experiencing things with their child(ren) and I’m no different. Except that my kids (mainly Nolan) have very little interest in watching sports. They’d much rather go to events (and run amok) and I’m cool with that. As a matter of fact, if money was no object, we’d go to way more sporting events than the three a year we go to. But if I throw on an episode of Odd Squad, they’re locked in.

So, couple their genuine disinterest of watching sports on television with us being cord-cutters and you’ve got quite the viewing conundrum, especially during the NCAA Tournament. Well, basically the First Round, where it’s wall-to-wall games.printable-march-madness-bracket

But thanks to an HD antenna, we do get CBS over the air. And thanks to this nifty gizmo we found on Amazon for $8.99, we’ll be able to mirror Linds’ MacBook to our non-smart, non-Apple TV. Only problem is it doesn’t get here until Friday night before 8pm, even though Amazon said it’d be here next-day with their Amazon Pickup feature. Bogus and not thrilled about this snafu.

Pretty much during nap time and after they all hit the hay around eight o’clock at night I’ll take in whatever Madness I can.

Here’s what my daytime (kids’ nap time) viewing schedule for the first round of games on Thursday and Friday should look like:



That’s how it should go, all dependant on how the naps go, though I might keep it on in the background on mute just because I’m a damn adult.

Who’s ready to dance?

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