Dad-stronomy 101: Aldebaran


Location: Taurus Constellation

Classification: K5 III star (orange giant star)

Distance: ~65 light-years

Alternate Names: Alpha Tauri, “the fiery eye of the Bull”

Apparent Magnitude: 1.0

Meaning of Name: Arabic for “the Follower”

Fun Facts:

  • the brightest object in the constellation Taurus
  • the helium core has ignited a shell of hydrogen outside the core, making it a red giant
  • Aldebaran is 44 times the diameter of the sun
  • Aldebaran is mentioned on the trippy song “2000 Light Years From Home” off The Rolling Stones’ album, Their Satanic Majesties Request
  • Can’t find it? Locate Orion’s Belt, draw a straight line through it. The first bright star you see will be Aldebaran

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