Dad-stronomy 101: Regulus


Location: Leo Constellation

Classification: Blue-White B Star

Distance: ~79 light-years

Alternate Names: Alpha Leonis, Lion’s Heart

Apparent Magnitude: 1.40

Meaning of Name: Latin for “prince” or “little king”

Fun Facts:

  • the brightest star in the constellation Leo and 21st-brightest in the night sky
  • Regulus depicts Leo the Lion’s heart
  • Regulus is made of two stars, Regulus A and Regulus B, with the former dominating light output
  • it’s located along the ecliptic – or pathway of sun, moon, and planets – and can be seen around the world
  • if Regulus A spun 15% faster, it’s gravity would be insufficient to hold itself together
  • Regulus Black is the name of a character in the “Harry Potter” series

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